3G wireless Internet speed.....

wenpen, May 22, 7:53am
3G wireless Internet speed.Well this bad weather seems to have slowed things down quiet a bit. Is their a big grunty antenna or aerial that I can use to get things ripping along again. I'm sitting here with a small aerial from my data-card hanging out the window....but it just doesn't cut the mustardsomeone point me to a good aerial.....Please!

wenpen, May 22, 8:12am
Would this big beast do the job 219479415 I'm in Palmerston North, live rural on the edge of town, vodafone wireless network...would this be what I need, or is it total overkill?

wenpen, May 22, 8:49am
I've just been on vodafone site looking at the coverage area, my area is good for 3G and would even get a little 3G extenderd coverage, but I'm down behind a terrace and things do slow during bad weather, so really want something on the roof me thinks...That is if their is such a thing!

mysteryman007, May 23, 12:14am
I suggest you look at a omni directional type that type is directional & is designed if you know where the transmitter signal is located & are able to point it in the right direction. the signal is directed towards a specific direction, where the omni type would be like your original one. Think of the signal like ripples in water when you drop a stone into it. The signal travels out in all directions like the water ripple, & it can receive from all directions. Wheres the other type you suggested may give you a stronger signal, but it is all directed in the direction that the aerial will be facing. They are commonly used in point to point setups.

mysteryman007, May 23, 12:59am
Also i have an external 24dbl omni aerial & it is the shizz ;) i have wifi coverage in all directions for up to 1km. if you are planning to roof mount it? you will also need a lightning arrestor aswell, for obvious reasons. & you will need to mount the router in your roof space, as the pigtail from the aerial to the router shouldnt extend longer than half a metre, as the loss of signal is greatly increased the longer this is. usually a router with p.o.e is the best bet for this job.

wenpen, May 23, 5:16am
Thanks for that mysterymanyour a star .

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