Free small business software

michelle145, May 23, 1:57am
Free small business software is there such a thing? Looking for something basic to record income and expenses. thanks.

dunedin_ree, May 23, 2:02am
Like a spreadsheet? OpenOffice.

eventpro, May 23, 2:25am
I came across this the other day I am not sure if it's any good or if it will cope with GST, but it might be worth a look. For other free stuff look at,139023769,33<br />9292605,00.htm

seriouslycgi, May 23, 3:02am
I posted a guide last week for prining invoices with open office and setting up a template/macros type thing but i didnt book mark it sorry, but yes you can run a business on freeopensource. you can even run a free operating system and not have to worry about viruses. called linux.

drsr, May 23, 3:12am
Cashbook Lite . Or IRD Tool For Business has some simpler cashbook spreadsheets.

michelle145, May 23, 5:34am
Cool thanks will check them out :)

michelle145, May 23, 5:42am
Cashlite looks goodwould appreciate any feedback on the system, thanks

swivel, May 23, 5:46am
I use Cashbook Complete Very good and easy. Great support. Only downside is for wages, Otherwise great for self employed as you do drawings. the website has a good Q&A. Also I sell it and support it. (So I could be one eyed)

cb34gs, May 23, 7:31pm
I used excel for a long time. Each tab was a month with one tab the year. You can setup math functions for GST etc.

You can also setup a spreadsheet as a template for invoicing,

Excel is a very powerful tool and one that is often overlooked.

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