what is the best photo printer to buy

korbo, May 23, 8:41pm
What is the best photo printer to buy put a thread on general. My HP printer is notprinting out photos nice colour.

r.g.nixon, May 23, 8:42pm
The best printer will be in the most expensive six you can find.

kiwikidd77, May 23, 8:43pm
Put threads in all categories but don't tell anyone how much you want to spend. we are all mind readers.

r.g.nixon, May 23, 8:56pm
We have a DesignJet 500 at work have used for 4 years now with no problems, highly recommended, prints from cut-sheet or a 24" wide 100 ft roll. Just over $3000 on pricespy.co.nz

hakatere1, May 23, 9:45pm
We've got a Canon Pixma ip4500. Got it from dse for ummm less than $150 I think. Prints great pics and even prints cd/dvd labels.

korbo, May 24, 1:42am
Thank you all. will price some tomorrow.

janette10, May 24, 2:16am
Ive just got a canon MP630, its the best , it scans , cd/dvd printing and gret photo printing easy to install and really easy to use, great photos !!!, i got it for $255.00 from noel leemings

gyrogearloose, May 24, 2:43am
I gave up printing photo's after summing the cost of the photo paper and ink cartridges, against 12c/copy at the blue shed.

pyro_sniper2002, May 24, 6:55am
Hp/Canon is what I would reccomend. But as others have said. Better off getting a whole bunch and going to the warehouse/warehouses stationary when they have their 12c photo deals.

nzmu, May 24, 8:21am
Yes the 12&2; deals are better, they use HP technology. I have the HP C5380 that does them just as good (or they look just as good), great for printing the odd photo because of the expense. Does an awesome job on cds/dvds too. Got mine for $198 - price matched it at Warehouse Stationery.

pyro_sniper2002, May 24, 10:07am
Yeah the printers used in those photo centers are just a big ink jet pretty much.

aktow, May 24, 11:24am
Epson or brother are the best most average printers are hard to tell which prints better,, the difference is mainly what extra's come with the printer.. i have a brother scan printer which i bought on sale for $99. it is now $150. i could have gone up to a supposed better printer but the only difference was a extra slot for a camera memory card which is no longer availablethe printer with standard set up buttons and a printer with a pop up screen printer exactly the same but you pay nearly $100 more for the pop up screenmost people do not need a pop up screen. i had a epsom printer and it was a lot more expensive to replace the ink cartridges. lexmark printers are so much more for replacement ink..

aktow, May 24, 11:43am
Epson and brother i saw a tv program about everything you need to know about computers. most average printers you could not tell which does a better printing job as long as you used the official brands ink cartridges.i have a epsom and brother printer and i cannot see a difference between the two. i did notice when i changed to generic ink cartridges the quality of printing went down . even the colors were slightly different..buying generic ink you can get fantastic cheap ink which works great and the next you have to throw them away. do not buy expired ink. i bought 12 black ink and by the time i used them they were nearly 3 years expired and only 8 would work

aktow, May 24, 12:03pm
Mistake 2 years not 3 dont be put off buying cheap printers. the $100-$400 brother and epsom printers check out the printing specs,, you will find they are the same. what you pay more for is if the printer has two or three camera memory card slots and how many usb slots etc.. if the printer has a pop up screen or a standard setup panel.. i bought a brother dcp165c and i am amazed it prints really good photo's. dick smith staff told me the next model up is more popular but only only difference between that model and mine is a extra camera memory slot which is now nolonger made.
i went to a lot of computer stores and most of them said they would not recommend buying hp printers. they said epsom and brother is far better. i think it really depends on you taste and budget,

pyro_sniper2002, May 24, 12:11pm
After working on both epson and brother laser and ink, i wouldn't reccomend either.

aktow, May 24, 12:15pm
Sorry sorry folks i thought i deleted my first comments.. i did not mean to that message

aktow, May 24, 12:22pm
What brand these days last a long time actually pyro over the years i have had lots of brands of printers from cheap to expensive .. none of them lasted a long time .

swivel, May 24, 12:24pm
GoBubble jet

pyro_sniper2002, May 24, 12:36pm
17Nothing last forever. Canon, I see very few issues with. HP a few more. But I dont see stupid waste ink pad full errors and everytime I put in a new cartrage I get a new print head (on cheaper models) which I personally prefer.

morrisman1, May 24, 1:21pm
The best photo printer is the photo store in town they are much cheaper than doing it yourself. the cost of cartridges and paper is phenominal

mcdaff, May 25, 1:42am
My old HP 720C went for years was very economical on ink. When a part wore out finally I replaced it with a Canon MP750 which is a multi purpose printer and I hate it. It drinks ink even though I don't print photos on it, always telling me that one or the other ink cartridge needs replacing. The colours are murky - that might be my fault because I tried to use cheaper inks in it and it didn't like them. Ever since the colours haven't been right, even using the Canon cartridges. I have really taken against this printer and would like to replace it with another HP maybe a C6380.

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