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lifesteala, May 24, 12:46am
PC to TV VGA Adapter Hi, I have a plasma TV, a panasonic th42pz850 and i bought a vga-vga to connect my pc to tv. The vga cable doesn't fit on this tv and just realised that I need another adapter.. something about a Mini D Sub 15 pin adapter I think? Can anyone shed me some light on this.. not sure what this adapter may be called. Thanks

flewy, May 24, 12:49am
Does your pc have a dvi port? would be far better to go from dvi to hdmi.

lifesteala, May 24, 12:52am
Nope :( Only a VGA. bought a VGA Splitter so I can keep monitor connected too..

flewy, May 24, 12:56am
In the manual it looks like just a normal d sub connection.

lifesteala, May 24, 12:59am
Your looking at the (if necessary) adapter right?

flewy, May 24, 1:00am
Yeah TV is DSUB 15 which is normal size. Is your pc mini??

lifesteala, May 24, 1:04am
Dunno..never knew there were different sizes lol. .. talk on msn?

flewy, May 24, 1:05am
I see on the wensite it says MINI DSUB but couldnt see that in the manual. Looks like you'll neeed the adapter.

flewy, May 24, 1:06am
Wen =web you know

lifesteala, May 24, 1:06am
Yep..but do u what the adapter is? ..

cybertao, May 24, 1:08am
Http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini-VGA Does it look like this?

lifesteala, May 24, 1:18am
Nope - on tv, it has 3 lines of 5 pins. the middle line offsets to the right. and on the vga cable the middle line of pins offsets to the left. the height of tv input seems to be very slightly narrower in height..i think

lifesteala, May 24, 1:19am
Http://www.panasonic.co.nz/userfiles/File/Manuals/ page 46

lifesteala, May 24, 1:22am
Sorry http://www.panasonic.co.nz/userfiles/File/Manuals/TH-42_50PZ850AZ.PDF

flewy, May 24, 1:32am
You on laptop or desktop

lifesteala, May 24, 1:35am
desktop. Video Card is Radeon X1600 PROno on board graphics.

flick13, May 24, 1:44am
LifestealaThat TV uses a standard VGA input - not adapters necessary! Did you try turning the plug around?

lifesteala, May 24, 1:48am
Hi, if I turn it around, the shape of the actual plug becomes upside down against port on tv..

lifesteala, May 24, 2:03am
Also.. it may possible go upside down but the outside metal bit seems too thick so it doesn't go in

flewy, May 24, 2:07am
Got photos of the two.

cybertao, May 24, 2:13am
So you've got VGA ports on the TV and PC do they both look like this?[ http://tinyurl.com/qcdxsl ] To connect the two together, you have a VGA cable with male adaptors at both ends, like this?[ http://tinyurl.com/pjerc3 ] Correct?

lifesteala, May 24, 2:18am
No.. The port on tv is a Male port so it needs a Female VGA plugVGA cable is a Male to Female cable..

flewy, May 24, 2:20am
You sure port on tv should be female.

lifesteala, May 24, 2:21am
It's a male..:) I see 15 pins comin out from tv ;).. taking photo as I reply..

lifesteala, May 24, 2:28am
Photos http://images.trademe.co.nz/photoserver/17/94620717_full.jpg http://images.trademe.co.nz/photoserver/37/94620737_full.jpg

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