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snoops, May 24, 12:56am
MS word document How do you delete the row and columns lines without deleting text? Going into Table - Delete -row/column deletes the text, I just want the lines removed.

gyrogearloose, May 24, 1:11am
Set the borders to 'No Border' by selecting all of the rows and columns you want to change, then use the drop down border control to select 'No Borders'. That's the control to the right of numbering, bullets, decrease indent, increase indent controls (at least, on my computer it is). You can also do this using Format, Borders and Shading.

snoops, May 24, 1:34am
The setting was already on No Border, I selected all and tried it again, but it's made no difference

gyrogearloose, May 24, 1:35am
Well, the borders won't print, despite being visible on the screen. Maybe you should just make a section of text with left-aligned tab stops rather than a table?

snoops, May 24, 1:40am
Thanks for your advice I actually want to compress the word document (its actually 101 pages), and dont need to print it. So deleting and row and column lines would condense it significantly.

christin, May 24, 1:48am
In some versions you can adjust the margin within the column as such, kinda like line spacing. have a look in cell properties....

gyrogearloose, May 24, 2:38am
Take the table out of the document and make it an appendix. That would considerably reduce the size of the document.

snoops, May 24, 3:41am
Thanks gyrogearloose that reduced it from 101 to 27 pages. Still havent been able to take out the column and row lines, so if anyone has any more suggestions, I'd appreciate them, thanks

christin, May 24, 5:10am
If you dont want it in a table form do convert text to table. That should put it with no cells, or no lines etc.

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