Hi can anyone help me access my files

kimarktrading, May 24, 12:51am
Hi can anyone help me access my files Hi people i have recently purchased a hard drive caddy so i can access the info on a dead laptop by removing the hard drive I have tried to access the files but it comes up with a access denied message can anyone help me i am assuming it has to do with the fact that the computer was password protected but im a bit stumped please help

deodar, May 24, 1:08am
Which files? If it's a password issue Remove the motherboard battery OR
there's tiny switches on some,ones
clear the bios.Its like a watch 1
remove for 5 minutes,clears passwords.Then we'll carry on.You
wish to transfer data to a new drive?Good.

ilottl, May 24, 1:29am
If you plugged the laptop harddrive into the external caddy and plugged it into another pc, it sounds like the harddrive is password protected which is a whole different matter. Try here http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-6230-0.html?forumID=101&threadID=219717&start=0

drcspy, May 24, 3:26am
More likely it's just windows 'protection' the original drive might have been password protected on the user.....

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