printer ?

steptoe37, May 25, 12:42am
Printer ? have just brought new dell and now need a printer this is for home use so should i get laser or ink jet also wot is a good brand need one that is easy on pocket for consumables . thanks

r.g.nixon, May 25, 1:05am
Only laser printers are easy on consumables but you pay a lot more for the printer to start with. For photos, inkjets are superior, but shop specials (like 14 cents per print) are better.

mad_murphy, May 25, 1:28am
Epson I got an Epson T20 a few months ago, cost $69 as I recall with a full set of inks. Nice simple printer, really cheap consumables (economy black cartridge is $11 or something, more expensive one is $18, the cheaper one gives you a lower per-page print price though). It uses pigment ink which is good as it lasts far longer and doesn't smudge or suffer water damage like other inks. Its much better than any other printer I've ever owned.

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