Bit Torrent or something else better for

aglaranna1, Mar 10, 3:25am
Bit Torrent or something else better for downloading movies and tv episodes? Been ages since I attempted this and using Bit Torrent site you need to basically pay for everything now - shocking! :-) Can someone please suggest best program or whatever it is called to download (have broadband) so I can 'source' free movies, tv episodes, music, etc. TIA

michaelsblood, Mar 10, 3:43am
??... I just use and for searching torrents and use utorrent to download them ..

sighkick, Mar 10, 4:21am
Bittorrent is the protocol ..... Not the actual software you use to use this protocol. Just like Internet Exploder or Mozilla Firefox uses TCP/IP to do it's stuff, the best bittorrent client µTorrent [] uses Bittorrent to do it's stuff. It's confusing because they nearly all use the word 'torrent'in naming the client [Azureus is the exception I think]. You will never have to pay for them if you use free public trackers: - - - - etc.

aglaranna1, Mar 10, 10:20am
Thank you guys :-) I have successfully dl utorrent and now happily downloading, thanks heaps.

Is there a recommended software for viewing the movies and tv episodes, etc? TIA

dunedin_ree, Mar 10, 10:31am
VLC or if you're a big windows media fan, get the k-lite codec pack. I prefer VLC.

aglaranna1, Mar 10, 10:37am
Does VLC do avi as well as DiVx? Thanks.

dunedin_ree, Mar 10, 10:38am
Yup It'll play pretty much everything under the sun.

loose.unit8, Mar 10, 10:50am
This is great I have crappy ADSL Broadband and still can download 4-5 movies an hour using although searching through newsgroups sucks arse and easynews costs US$10 per 10 gig

babysister, Mar 10, 6:32pm
Rapdishare is the way to go I haven't used torrents in months

ply-boy, Mar 10, 7:06pm
Lmfao @ rapidshare

rhys.m, Mar 10, 7:50pm
@8... 3.5gb an hour. Wow gimme your crappy ADSL connection!! Why not go with and get unlimited for $14.95USD/month.

babysister, Mar 10, 8:01pm
Ply-boy Whats the matter with Rapidshare?? I love it

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