Adobe Acrobat 5

bcnd, May 26, 9:56am
Adobe Acrobat 5 I have this running on my laptop at the moment with windows vista, where do i go to upgrade to 9 and does it cost much? Thanks in advance

dunedin_ree, May 26, 9:58am
Acrobat what? Acrobat Reader is free.

make_a_bid, May 26, 10:00am
Its free im not sure where would go to upgrade it, I even had a look at it myself on the interwebs. I did find a internet sire called which has a updated version. I dont think its the same tho coz it cant be that easy to find the name on the internet and download a newer version can it. Must be a scam or a virus

ferita, May 26, 10:02am
Open office can convert documents into PDF so adobe acrobat is basically not needed anymore these days.

0800xford, May 26, 10:04am
sumatra for reading, or maybe foxit if you can outwit the sneaky deceptive installer.

bcnd, May 26, 10:12am
Oh okay Still a bit confuzzled. I can go to an adobe site, might be the one poster mentioned, but looks like it costs

nzgunnie, May 26, 10:12am
- It is that easy is the correct website, the program is free, so yes, you just download it.

dunedin_ree, May 26, 10:12am
What are you after? PDF CREATION or VIEWING?

nzgunnie, May 26, 10:13am
You need Acrobat Reader Acrobat professional costs. Reader is free.

bcnd, May 26, 10:23am
Oh okay will go have a nosey now, thanks

ferita, May 26, 10:27am
There is a difference. adobe reader is for reading. adobe acrobat is for creating and editing PDF files.

bcnd, May 26, 10:38am
Thanks guys I went on that website and easily downloaded reader no problems at all and for free

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