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Web Hosting Query Looking around for a web-host with servers located in NZ. There's quite some variance in price, and when factored over a year, it's worth the effort to try and get it right. I've found a NZ web host site at 'the right price', who SAY their servers are in NZ. But as I go to 'order; the service, I note that the site address changes from dot com to a dot co dot uk address. Should I be concerned?

geek_sundaze1, May 27, 3:27 am

Is there any reason why You are insisting that the servers should be in NZ? What sort of price are you being asked to pay - per month? There are many options both here in NZ and overseas and it is impossible to know which are where unless you check the IP address of the actual server. I have a Firefox extension [add-on] that brings up the location of a site just by pointing at an image or link on the site. For Example, it is showing this site to be hosted in Australia. The plugin is called HostIP.info Geolocation Plugin.

geek_sighkick, May 27, 3:43 am

Hmmm Local traffic, local server. But the issue is that they SAY server is in NZ, but it seems that I'm expected to pay a UK company. Which seems odd.

geek_sundaze1, May 27, 3:53 am

And 50 Mb storage for $3-95 plus GST per month

geek_sundaze1, May 27, 4:01 am

The price is resonable enough Why don't you give it a go, you can always pay by the month and if it doesn't work out, move. Do you want to mention the URL of this web host just in case someone has already had issues with them? 50Meg is fine for a plain old website but may be soon used up if you want to host some form of Forum or Blog. Do they offer MySQL and PHP for that price? You will need those for any CMS site or Forum.

geek_sighkick, May 27, 4:12 am

Yes they do MySQL and PHP at that price.
http://webhostingnz dot com

geek_sundaze1, May 27, 4:31 am

Hmm wasn't that fella on fair go?

geek_carchic, May 27, 4:37 am

7Don't know. Was he?

geek_sundaze1, May 27, 4:40 am

Yep Thats the LOOOOSSSSEEEERERRRRRR. He's a Kiwi living in the UK, Servers are there as well

geek_swivel, May 27, 4:41 am

Yep he was http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=72&TopicId=34418&page_no=1 look here

geek_jancemord, May 27, 4:45 am

10So I was right to be suspicious. However, I can't find reference to them in your link.

geek_sundaze1, May 27, 4:53 am

So it was worth posting the linkPrice isn't everything. Suggestions include: http://www.webbase.co.nz/ @ $8.95pm and http://www.hostgator.com/ @ $US4.95pm and up. There are others but you will get more bang for your buck with overseas servers. Netfirms.com is also worth a look. Many of us on here can also host locally very reasonably but cannot advertise. Generally, most of us use GMail and you just need a bit of imagination to contact us.

geek_sighkick, May 27, 5:01 am

I used it for the ref of hosting company's if you search the forums there they would tell you who's good and who's not

geek_jancemord, May 27, 5:11 am

12Between your profile comments and what you say in your post, I have at least 8 imagination possibilities ! dave, sighkick, gmail, googlemail, dot com, dot nz..........!

geek_sundaze1, May 27, 5:29 am

As most of us use our nicknamesand I believe gmail and googlemail are one and the same thing and it always ends in dot com [as far as I know]that narrows down the possibilities. Only bother if you would like to view all possibilities including local and hands on hosting. Try mailing any in this thread using these criteria and see what happens.

geek_sighkick, May 27, 5:34 am