Telecom or vodafone - mobile Broadband

jojo76, May 27, 3:25am
Telecom or vodafone - mobile Broadband Currently on telecom, most i can get is 2gb without paying .54c a MB after that. I see vodafone do 3gb for $69.95. I have 2 bar signal with telecom, and get quite quick internet, ive had a vodafone phone before and recpetion here has been crap, so i take it a vodem would'nt be much better? Maybe i'll wait see what XT network bring out

45kiwi, May 27, 3:43am
XTI would definitely wait until XT. If they don't suit you, wait for Vodafone to have 97% 3g coverage on may 31.

rbd5, May 27, 4:01am
My uncle had the vodafone mobile bb.It was awful, he returned it and got a refund. Not sure about telecom tho. Cheers.

mrlye, May 27, 6:43am
Voda as you say, tou can get 1gig or 3 gig plans on voda,

but did you know for an additional 10bucks a mnth they double ur useage on either plan?

nakiarnie, May 27, 10:19am
As of friday telecom

jojo76, May 27, 8:35pm
Im hoping that they have the same priced deal as vodafone...3gb $69.95, with free USB modem :)

mrfxit, May 27, 10:05pm
Have personally seen what part of the new XT telecom Network is like & as an example, the video calling is 98% instant meaning theres only a very slight lag, but thats on a 1.3mp camera, Will have to check but was told that the top line XT ph's have an 8mp camera.

mrfxit, May 27, 10:10pm
The data speeds that are showing up so far In pre public release testing, are WAY OVER anything that Vodaphone can offer. Sorry but don't know whats going to be offered for data caps untill the public release.

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