Does any1 know about printer cartridges

nukhelenc, May 28, 7:39am
Does any1 know about printer cartridges This seems cheap and is it worth buying? as the real deal is about $170.00 for a genuine 1.<br /> Dont want to buy something that will mess up my printer so this is why im asking.Thanks

lostdude, May 28, 7:42am
You'll be better off getting a recycled original than a dodgy "compatible". You could always ask the seller what warranty it comes with.

nukhelenc, May 28, 7:51am
comes with none. Thanks that all i need to know. i wont bother with it.

deodar, May 28, 8:42am
Ther used to be someone here that knew about them But they were disabled in a wheel-
chair.Sad case.

pyro_sniper2002, May 28, 10:47am
Cheap toner is usually quite bad for the printer was talking to a rep about the aftermarket stuff, they reckon its like sandpaper on the fuser where as the genuine toner is near on perfect spheres. If its under waranty still, buy genuine.

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