look what is happenening on Adobe.com

olack, May 29, 8:17am
Look what is happenening on Adobe.com http://images.trademe.co.nz/photoserver/82/95063882_full.jpg ...I am trying to download Flash Player for IE8 on 32 bit XP Home. Because I got a Microsoft Update to install but that failed to install and subsequent attempts to download from Adobe freeze all IE8 and I get to send an error report to the big M. Even after I used the Adobe Flash Player uninstall utility....and I even uninstalled the original Flash Player so now I do not have Flash Player on the pc.

45kiwi, May 29, 9:24am
Omg how many quick launch icons do you need

seriouslycgi, May 29, 9:25am
Holy quicklaunches o'man\ maybe ccleaner after uninstall?

0800xford, May 29, 11:00am
you've been punk'd!

olack, May 30, 11:47am
Guess they were busy or sumthin' got it now.

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