how to get the printer to print the same colours

rona1, May 29, 7:42pm
How to get the printer to print the same colours as I get on the screen. I spend some time getting a photo montage that looks great on the screen but the printout is much darker and with a pink cast. The printer is canon 3300. I played around with the printer settings but to no avail. I even got the pic printed at the local copy shop and it is nothing like the screen original, nor mine for that matter!!

nzmu, May 29, 7:51pm
You are viewing the image on a monitor - colours are produced via rgb - red, green and blue. Printing is produced by CYM - cyan, yellow and magenta. That is the reason there can be a difference. Some printers can do a better job than others. I have never really struck one that seems to reproduce that badly. Maybe use a photoshop type program and alter the image, lighten it and reduce the red.

rona1, May 29, 8:21pm
Yes I lightened it up and sharpened and changed the contrast using the old Picture It and photofiltre. Haven't figured out Gimp yet. The strangest thing was that I printed the same one twice and they came out different to each other. Am using the canon cartridges too. Maybe I need to get a new printer.

nzmu, May 29, 8:33pm
Hard to say about needing a new printer, as you have said that you tried at the copy shop with not so satisfactory results either.

cybertao, May 29, 8:47pm
Http:// .

nzoomed, May 29, 9:20pm
You know what ive foundis my canon printer doesnt print photos its real color, ive had them printed at the photoshop at harvey norman, and they look like they should on the camera and computer monitor, but my canon printer prints my photos more of a yellow, and i dont like it at all, but i do know the printers vary, and if there was an easy way to calibrate the printers it would be good.

nzmu, May 29, 9:25pm
I am extremely happy with my HP C5380 still 'getting to know it', but I found this - would probably be very helpful for the problem above.

rainrain1, May 29, 10:45pm
Sounds like you could be playing around with them too much....try printing out in original form, if you are not happy then alter ever so slightly and try again...I use Picasa 3, and get lovely printouts...better than the shops

rona1, May 30, 7:53pm
Haven't tried Picasa yet but will give it a go. I did print out the pic before altering it because it came out a dark, slightly pink colour. My old canon printer now dead, would print out near to the monitor colours so I suspect it is the printer. The copyshop print had much more yellow in it than my printer. re 7 I couldn't get that site. Many thanks

rainrain1, May 31, 5:26am
Do you need to clean the printing ink heads

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