Printer Inks

dvgbuild, May 30, 3:58am
Printer Inks Is it ok to use compatible cartridges or does it pay to purchase only the brand, I have an HP all in one printer

richms, May 30, 4:38am
I have had no physical problems with the printer, but the gamut of some has being quite different so I had to go thru a lot of effort to make a new colour profile, then the next batch from the same place was different again.

For drafts, assignments, reports, etc they are fine, but for accuracy they are not that good.

But at about 5% the cost of getting the real ink in overpriced cartridges thats the price you pay.

eligius, May 30, 5:32am
I have a HP 1315 Series all-in-one and I have had mine filled by CartridgeWorld for over four years with no trouble. Others might tell you different, but they guarantee them. Looks like your nearest one is in Hamilton though. A good tip is to get them filled as soon as possible so as not to have dried ink clog up the tiny holes in the ptint head. Good luck.

eligius, May 30, 5:33am
NOT ptint head Print head.

richms, May 30, 6:17am
The old HPs have a integrated printhead to the cartridge, whereas the new ones have seperate ink to the head. The old ones it doesnt matter if you stuff the head since you just take it to a place that does exchanges and you get another one.

dvgbuild, May 30, 9:07am
Thank you thanks for all your answers

biggal, May 30, 9:53am
My experience I use a small local ink cartridge business. I am using HP02 cartridges at the moment and they have recently gone up to $21 each.
To help out her customers the owner has obtained a line of compatible cartridges which she sells for $14. They work fine in my HP c7180 printer

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