ADSL in other rooms in house, not wireless

4boofs, May 31, 12:34am
ADSL in other rooms in house, not wireless In our household we have grown recently to 3 PCs and 1 laptop. When we had 2 PCs they were in the same room and we have a wireless router with the laptop running wireless. We now want the PCs in different rooms, but don't want them to use wireless, so bought a second modem which we plugged into another phone socket. It works, but only if the other modem isn't, so we can only have one computer on the internet at a time. Is this normal? What should we do (preferably apart from runnning cables through the house) to run broadband in the other rooms at the same time? We are on Telstra Clear and have the basic modem (Dynalink RTA1320) plugged through a Belkin 802.11g wireless router in one room and the same modem in another room. Can you only have ADSL coming in through 1 phone socket? Thanks...

cjdnzl, May 31, 12:41am
You can run only one broadband modem from your incoming line. Your remaining choices are wireless to all machines, or ethernet cable. Perhaps you can wire the ethernet under the house and fit an rj45 (ethernet) socket in each room - if you own the house or your landlord says ok.

4boofs, May 31, 2:07am
I was hoping you wouldn't say that! So it sounds like cables are the best option. But what is a sock? Is that a plug in the wall similar to the phone plug?

drcspy, May 31, 3:26am
What's wrong with the 'other pcs' runnin wireless ?

little_egypt, May 31, 3:36am
Socket is a plug in the wall, like a phone plug (the same plug that connects your computer to the modem now, if it's wired) you can run ethernet along with the phone lines and make it all tidy. Personally I'd just go with wireless. Turn on WPA2 and use a really good password (more than 8 characters with some lowercase, some uppercase, a few numbers or puncuation symbols, and nothing remotely resembling a word anywhere)

robbie42, May 31, 5:41am
Are you other computers wireless? If you dont have built in wireless on the other computers you can buy an adapter that plugs into a usb port from dick smith.

depending on distance and any interference you should be able to run the whole house wirelessly.

4boofs, May 31, 5:48am
My boys told me that wireless wasn't as good for gaming as cable, plus I don't think any of the PCs currently have wireless capability. Does anyone have any comment on wired vs wireless for PCs?

drcspy, May 31, 6:16am
Easy to install wireless pci cards.....but you'd for gaming need 802.11/n.........that's the fastest wireless transfer available.....

bidda2, May 31, 6:17am
It depends what they are doing for general internet usage, wireless will be faster than your connection so all good. For transferring files over the network, or LAN games then wired is much better. I would think that wireless would be alright for online gaming but check with someone else. You could always upgrade everything to draft N stuff and then wireless would be fine.

little_egypt, May 31, 6:22am
Ping is everything in gaming Yeah, you want wired.

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