Going wireless with printer etc in

deea, May 31, 3:38am
Going wireless with printer etc in another room. Do we need another box thingy to plug the printer etc into? We have the little box telecom gave us but it doesn't seem to have anyway to plug in printer etc. TIA

comfreak91, May 31, 3:56am
What sort of printer is it ?

deea, May 31, 4:36am
HP, I think someone told me I need a modern something??? Would that be correct???

drcspy, May 31, 4:39am
If you want to print wirelessly from your laptop for example then all you need is the printer plugged into the desktop and the desktop turned on .......goto the control panel/printers in the desktop and right clik the printer then clik sharing and follow your nose.....then on the laptop you need to do a search in the 'network' for shared files/folders/drives/devices....

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