AdsL2+ modem recommendations?

charles.j, May 31, 6:28am
AdsL2+ modem recommendations? I'm looking for an adsl2+ modem. No wireless is needed. Just something solid. My current modem(Dynalink RTA220 i think) plugs into my home network (switches) where all the other computers connect, so only having one port is not a problem as all the devices end up back in one place. I've come across a LINKSYS AM300 but i'm really not quite sure what to look for in a modem. All i need from a modem is the ability to port forward or have virtual servers as some call it. Any info would be appreciated

little_egypt, May 31, 6:31am
Linksys here But pretty much any router will do what you want, they all do port forwarding.

charles.j, May 31, 6:32am
Ok sweet. i take it they all perform pretty much the same across the board with the internet?

gremlin6969, May 31, 10:03am
ADSL2+ Actually thats not quite true most are cisco based and have there limitsMost Chorus guys will tell you the Nokia based units are the most stable

lostdude, May 31, 10:06am
Aslong as it supports QoS, then it's a winner...

ash_nz1, May 31, 10:21am
Netgear because its a cool name.

mula-furaga, May 31, 11:48am
Routers The main thing I look for in a router is UPNP, Website or IP filter and IP Lease control. All routers come with port-forwarding so you don't really need to worry about that. The TP-Link range is great for the budget user, they include all the features above except some don't have the website filter control, for the power user go for any of the new Linksys products, almost un-crashable.

shrapz, May 31, 10:35pm
linksys AM300 , Enough said.

charles.j, Jun 1, 2:29am
Thanks guys I'll Go for the linksys i think

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