What do you get for 1GB a month??

beatlebabe, May 31, 7:53am
What do you get for 1GB a month?? I have a plan which allows us 1GB a month. This month we are looking at being at the data cap by the end of next week - not even half way through the month. But we don't know why? Does just browsing websites use up data? Or do you have to actually download something (eg. music, games)? How about playing games online? TIA :)

dunedin_ree, May 31, 8:01am
All of that uses up data. Looking at websites is still downloading text and images to your computer, so yes, that uses it up. 1GB plans are really for light browsing and email only.

mula-furaga, May 31, 11:53am
Useage 3GB and 5GB plans are best for most users switching from dial-up to broadband, it a good mid point to figure out what plan is right for you.

If your on Telstraclear's Cable connections you'll probably go nuts and use heaps of data in the first week (its fast) so best start on the 10GB.

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