Edimax EW-7209APG Wireless Access Point Help

Edimax EW-7209APG Wireless Access Point Help I set this up yesterday and thought I had done all the settings right in Config but it tells me it is an insecure network when I connect. I have tried to get back into the setup by opening web page but it keeps telling me it can't open the page. How do I get back in I have pressed reset buton to take back to factory default but that makes no difference. Do you need to be a rocket scientist to set this up. I tried to setup through my laptop running vista but it can't even find the router. It has 5 intergrated ports if that helps.

geek_paddypf, Jun 1, 10:08 am

Your computer needs to be on the same subnet as (don't use wireless to configure use a patch lead).

geek_spyware, Jun 1, 11:24 am

I have been back in & changed the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) settings as per the router instructions but it tells me the page is unavailable

geek_paddypf, Jun 1, 12:39 pm

I did use a patch lead

geek_paddypf, Jun 1, 12:41 pm

One of those ports is actually to connect the access point to the modem, it should be marked as such and it needs to stay connected for the access point to get an internet connection.

geek_soodanim, Jun 1, 12:46 pm

The port is not marked as such but I am using port 1 for the modem. I can connect to the internet wirelessly from my laptop but the connection is insecure and whatever I try I cannot get back into the router setup to see what I did not configure properly to make it a secure connection. Tearing my hair out.

geek_paddypf, Jun 1, 1:09 pm

The manual should explain it all...

geek_soodanim, Jun 1, 1:12 pm

What's the current IP open a cmd windows (start, run, 'cmd') and type ipconfig, if your router gives you a 10.1.1.* IP address then you won't be able to connect to .. unplug the internet, reset the wireless and type 'ipconfig /renew' and hopefully you'll get a lease from the AP again and they you can go back and reconfigure it.

geek_little_egypt, Jun 1, 1:13 pm

Tried that and I did get the 10.1.1.* IP so did as you suggested but when I did the config/renew I got a msg saying "an error occured while renewing interface Local Area Connection: unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out.

geek_paddypf, Jun 1, 2:32 pm

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geek_paddypf, Jun 1, 4:41 pm

Bump Anybody?

geek_paddypf, Jun 1, 9:45 pm

Bump Again for today.I have reset router numerous times but it does not appear to go back to the factory settings.

geek_paddypf, Jun 2, 6:23 am

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geek_paddypf, Jun 2, 4:27 pm

As stated you have to be on the same subnet as the access point to configure it, that simple. An address of 10.1.1.x is most likely coming from your modem via DHCP as your modem and access point are on different subnets. To prevent this behaviour you need to completely disconnect modem from circuit and continue to use DHCP or configure computer with a static IP address. The goal is to have both devices (modem+access point) on the same subnet. To do this you do as instructed above and give your computer an IP address on the same subnet as the access point and then configure the access point and change its IP address.

geek_spyware, Jun 2, 11:11 pm

Also turn DHCP server in access point off as having two DHCP servers on same subnet is not a good idea.

geek_spyware, Jun 3, 7:25 pm

Is this access point the same as having a wireless router. It has five lan ports one of which I have plugged the modem into the others have 3 otherwired computers on my wired network to which the laptop is also wired I also want the laptop to be wireless when required. Have I bought what I need or do I need something else. I am beginning to wonder if I actually have what I need.

geek_paddypf, Jun 3, 11:42 pm

Change settings? Sometimes I find it easier to put routers on the same address range as the default gateway. Log into modem (, DHCP on. Unplug router from modem and log into it access point again. Change router ip to or something sililar and turn DHCP off. Subnets on both devices should be Reconnect cables as normal and click repair connection to request new ip. Probably missed something but should be fine

geek_harrispc, Jun 3, 11:57 pm

User name at ihug i may be able to come round on saturday if life aint to busy.

geek_flewy, Jun 3, 11:59 pm

Cheers Flewy might take you up on that if all else fails. All this subnet /subnet masks stuff does my head in and trying to fathom it all from googling dosen't help I learn better if someone shows me.

geek_paddypf, Jun 4, 6:33 am

Is the cable plugged in WAN or a lan port

geek_jancemord, Jun 4, 7:45 am

There is no dedicated WAN port on the access point it's pretty much the samw as my wired setup I had before it had no dedicated port either.

geek_paddypf, Jun 4, 10:16 pm

More help Plz I am still having trouble with this though I have managed to get back into access point config by holding in reset for a lot longer than the manual specifies. What I am trying to do is replace the 5port ethernet switch that I had my modem & my networked computers plugged into with a wireless access point that I am trying to setup with all my wired computers & modem plugged in but with the ability to unplug my laptop from the wired network and use it wirelessly when I want to to access the internet and still print to remote printer etc. Is the access point what I need or is there a difference between this and a wireless router.

geek_paddypf, Jun 7, 11:04 am

i have the same problem , i cant cotact with enternet through widos7,edimax acces point,hp laptop.

please send me the solve to jamil.majid@live.com

geek_guest, Jan 2, 9:13 pm

A "Wireless Router" and a "Wireless Access Point" are not the same and do not have the same features or connector purposes. What you are looking to do can be done, but not without a router of some kind attached to your system.

I have several of these operating in different locations. Once they are properly configured, they run fine.
Average configuration time is less than 5 minutes once you know what you want or need the settings to be in order to be compatible with your existing system.

geek_guest_tech, Feb 15, 10:08 am