Dual Monitors

easynet, Mar 9, 9:10am
Dual Monitors I have a notebook and i ewant tgo be able to run two monitors off the vga outlet. Any suggestion. I don't want to have clone but dual

dougstringer, Mar 9, 9:31am
Can't be done. You only have one outlet.

friendly_prawn, Mar 9, 10:17am
Google is your friend. http://www.google.co.nz/search?hl=en&q=Dual+Monitors+laptop&btnG=Google+Search&meta=

friendly_prawn, Mar 9, 10:24am
Heres a more direct link http://www.realtimesoft.com/multimon/faq.asp#Laptops

friendly_prawn, Mar 9, 10:25am
There's various ways to do it. hope that helps.

pc_nut, Mar 9, 11:00am
Not possible most modern lappys have daul monitor support with LCD as primary and external as secondary apart from that you cant have daul extended desktop monitors on one VGA/DV outlet

seriouslycgi, Mar 9, 11:44am
From thatlink it looks as though there are a few ways to do it. requiring more hardware though.

pcmaster, Mar 9, 7:56pm
You could use this: 143813314 you'd get exactly the same thing on both monitors though.... handy if you were making a media centre PC

easynet, Mar 10, 11:18am
Found the Solution I have purchased a USB device that will allow a Dual monitor to run of a USB port. A second monitor is attached to the VGA port in Dual mode, and then as a bonus I have the original notebook screen. After setting everyting up I get 3 Dual Screens.

hemi1, Mar 10, 6:10pm
Well done bro just goes to show that you cant keep a good man down :)

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