Download XP ON A MAC OS X

Download XP ON A MAC OS X I would like to download xp on my Mac Os X Ive tried Boot camp and it FAILED, Ive tried Parrell 4 It FAILED, Ive tried Vmware fusion & IT FAILED!!!!! PLEASE HELP. :(

geek_gina.r, Jun 2, 1:38 pm

When you say download do you mean install? Also when you say fail, what was the error message? Are you sure the disk you are trying to install it from is not damaged?

geek_ferita, Jun 2, 1:50 pm

That's a lot of failure..sure you have a mac?

geek_gibler, Jun 2, 2:12 pm

computer says no

geek_0800xford, Jun 2, 2:21 pm

Ok, you need a windows xp install disc which has service pack 2 pre-installed on that. from then on just follow the boot camp instructions, do print out the manual when it says to and read that through each step of the way. Its essentially a standard xp installation with one small change with formatting drives, it must be done in the way that the boot camp manual outlines. after you have done that install parallels (vmware is slow) and tell it to use your boot camp partition as the virtual machine. follow those steps and you shouldnt experience any more 'fail'

geek_morrisman1, Jun 2, 2:21 pm

First of all, do you have the correct, official install disk for XP, the one the Bootcamp instructions tell you you need? Second, you are running OS X Leopard on an Intel-based Mac, right? Please let us know at what point, while you're following the official instructions from Apple, your installation attempt breaks down.

geek_thegilly, Jun 2, 2:23 pm

Good luck if your machine is worthy you'll be seeing something like this

geek_tessal, Jun 2, 4:04 pm

dude, no adblock?

geek_0800xford, Jun 2, 4:08 pm

I won't bore you with my linux install on mac screenie. = P

geek_tessal, Jun 2, 4:08 pm

Huh? i'm to busy to let that add crap effect meh, its static anyways =P..popups on a mac is a beautiful thing too see .

geek_tessal, Jun 2, 4:10 pm

You exercise is then to get FreeBSD going and write up a report.

geek_gibler, Jun 2, 4:21 pm

What version FreeBSD we talking? of my choice?

geek_tessal, Jun 2, 4:32 pm

Interesting. I've had windows running in Bootcamp, Parallels and VMware fusion. Haven't tried Virtualbox, though. Then again, I had an official version of XP with SP2 installed, and I followed the instructions.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jun 2, 5:18 pm

i have a linced disk of Xp, and when i say failed, it came up with can not be installed????? Really confused and i did follow all instructions.

geek_gina.r, Jun 2, 7:07 pm

At which point does it say it failed? and are you sure your xp disc has service pack 2 on it? if it doesnt then you cant use that disc to install windows. Recovery discs for computers are also unlikely to work

geek_morrisman1, Jun 2, 7:25 pm