Business Cards

nick_o_teen, Jun 2, 2:40am
Business Cards Hey all, bit of a long shot but lets try, does anyone here have a printer able to print off business cards? Not sure how it works i suppose a machine cuts them out for you but can run 300gsm through? I'm wanting to get some business cards done, but wanting to see if i can get them done cheaply else where? Thanks!

0800xford, Jun 2, 2:42am
don't you print a sheet with about 12 on it then get your /guillotine on?

nick_o_teen, Jun 2, 2:44am
Well thats what i thought too..? But i am probs wrong so just wondered if theres a different way?

d.laidlaw, Jun 2, 2:46am
DIY is not cheap unless you only want standard 80 GSM cards (or papers at that weight). Vistaprint will send out 250 cards for shipping of $9 and more for more cards of customised designs results are good too.

0800xford, Jun 2, 2:47am
yeah there is no way i'd be doing it myself, they are cheap as to get done.

nick_o_teen, Jun 2, 2:48am
I was lookign at vistaprint But they change an extra $9 for your own design.. whats up with that :(

soodanim, Jun 2, 2:50am
$9is feck all. They are the cheapest "professional" that I've found.

nick_o_teen, Jun 2, 2:50am
Too shay.. Im just a tight ass! If youve used them, could i get some feedback on them? Printing quality etc?

d.laidlaw, Jun 2, 2:51am
Yeah but it is cheap in the long run you usually only get about 10 cards to an a4 sheet and, unless you are very good, getting nice equal sized cards with square corners is not that easy. Most domestic printers should handle heavier paper but I would want to use someones color laser to get clean lines and no bleeding.

hdmovies, Jun 2, 2:51am
Probably because they have to then convert your design into a format that works with their printing system. Considering how craply laid out many DIY business cards are, it's a fair charge.

hbhana, Jun 2, 2:53am
I am more than pleased with my Vistaprint business cards. I even had them made double-sided with my company logo on the back-side of the card.

d.laidlaw, Jun 2, 2:53am
I have used them for a non-profit event we are organising for the end of the year. We went all out and got 1000 cards 4 color one side and black reverse with custom layout and graphics. We also opted for a glossy front. All up cost $67 landed and the results are excellent. I haved seen the matt finishes and they are good too.

nick_o_teen, Jun 2, 2:54am
I am a graphic designer.. So they aren't "crappy" I understand what there expections(sp) are and don't wish to go under that..

whakatanerocks, Jun 2, 2:55am
You can get 1000 business cards for about $80, thats 8 cents each, how much cheaper can you get?!

nick_o_teen, Jun 2, 2:55am
They sound great!! May have to stick with them :)

nick_o_teen, Jun 2, 2:56am
Whakatanerocks LOL very true. Mm they offer so much! I have a stationary addiction and a lot of there stuff looks mighty goood.....

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