Format HP mini

meng8742, Jun 2, 8:15am
Format HP mini hi is there a way to change the language on hp mini. currently its in chinese. also is it possible to format it since it doesnt have cd rom drive?? whats the best way to change language?

dunedin_ree, Jun 2, 8:19am
Not sure about changing language but yes you can reinstall windows by using an external CD drive. Google may tell you how to change the UI language.

ferita, Jun 2, 8:25am
Is it linux or windows XP? They can be either

meng8742, Jun 2, 8:29am
Hiits xp, can it boot OS from usb 4gb pendrive?

ferita, Jun 2, 8:32am
Even a USB external CD drive may work I dont really know enough about the HP mini to offer proper advice. I would be hesitant to format as the XP installed on it may be some custom OEM type one that is made for the hardware restrictions on that computer. If you install another version of XP on it it may not install properly (plus you will need drivers etc for it)

dunedin_ree, Jun 2, 8:33am
You could try linux, there are a few distros especially built for netbooks. If you intend to use it for fairly standard stuff like internet, email, chat, watching avi's, word processing, managing music etc (and aren't "married" to itunes), then it would be a good option for you. Ubuntu 9 Netbook Remix is one option.

lostdude, Jun 2, 8:45am
Tochange the language: Hold Windows Key + R, type control intl.cpl,,2 click the drop down arrow & select English (New Zealand).

lostdude, Jun 2, 8:46am
IFEnglish is not in the drop down list, then it's not installed. A reformat & reinstallation is probably best. As said, Windows XP can be installed via USB.

meng8742, Jun 2, 8:53am
Hihow can i tell if i format the laptop the product key will difintely work.. its currently for 5 sets of 5 alphabetical key (XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX) it doesnt say OEM how can i tell if this is one use?? can i use any xp home cd? i know someone that may have xp home

meng8742, Jun 2, 8:55am
this does not work. im in the control panel regional setting. it allows me to change the keyboard language but not the OS

lostdude, Jun 2, 9:01am
What version of XP do you have? Hold Windows Key + Pause/Break. Probably running some third party OEM version of XP. Try this: Windows Key + R type control intl.cpl,,1 click the first button (Details) then click the dropdown arrow & select English (if it's there). If not, look for Windows XP USB Edition.

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 2, 9:46am
It should have come with an XP CD if you brought it new.

lostdude, Jun 2, 9:47am
LOL pyro_sniper2002, reread .

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 2, 10:15am
Yeah they still come with a CD. Begg/steal/borrow a USB cd rom drive. Other option is to use nlite to make a usb bootable xp install.

lostdude, Jun 2, 10:19am
Only ones I've come across came with a recovery partition & no disks :?

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 2, 10:23am
When you have an 8g SSD where do you put a recovery partition? :p

lostdude, Jun 2, 10:28am
Depends, if it _has_ an SSD drive or normal. They're both the same form factor & ones I've seen had regular 2.5" 120GB mechanical HDDs.

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 2, 10:36am
True most of the new ones seem to be SSD, well the ones I see anyway, the older VIA powered ones were mostly HDD. Anyway, if its got a recovery partition try F11 on startup.

hdmovies, Jun 2, 7:57pm
As above I used an external USB CD rom drive on mine. Put in the XP disc, boot from CD-Rom, and part of the XP install lets you format the hard drive. PS Tiny XP runs real well on these mini laptops - Only 700mb for XP in you choose the lightest install, and it surprisingly fast. My other tips - go to and download all the mini drivers to a USB flash drive, skip their big wifi driver though and get the smaller one. Also once installed turn of virtual memory/page file. And the install the apps you need. I found I was under 1gb for XP and all my essential apps.

tessal, Jun 2, 8:48pm
I posted awhile back eeepc iso 128mb install,lemme know if u need the link again.

tessal, Jun 2, 8:55pm


The result of this "trimming" is a 89MB ISO (83MB Windows files + 6MB Mozilla Firefox 2.0.11 setup file). The installation of this version is "unattended;" the user will not be prompted for input during the installation. Installation instructions are included in this as a text file.


When installed, this version of Windows XP uses 27.4MB of RAM:

Disk Space:

When installed, this version of Windows XP has a total installed footprint of 215MB of disk space:

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