Freeview tuning problem ?

Freeview tuning problem ? I have tuned to Optus D1.I am not receiving TV1 or TV2 but am receiving TV3 and the other NZ channels plus some other world cnannels.Can any experts out there suggest what may be the problem?

geek_superbi, Jun 4, 8:17 am

I just tuned mine last night. Different receiver but should be pretty similar. I went to autoscan, and set the frequency to 11300 and let it do its thing...

geek_whakatanerocks, Jun 4, 8:28 am

Freeview tuning problem Thanks Mark.This has been done,but as i said i appear to have all or most of the channels except Tv1 and 2.

geek_superbi, Jun 4, 8:47 am

Are you just flicking through the programs with the remote, or are you able to go into the menu and see a list of all programs and what numbers they're assigned to? All of my channels were assigned random numbers around 150-160, had to manually move them...

geek_whakatanerocks, Jun 4, 8:51 am

Freeview tuning problem Thanks Mark.You are right.Found these 2 at 57 and 58.Problem solved.Many thanks.

geek_superbi, Jun 4, 9:03 am

No problem, had the same thing last night haha. Have a good one and freeview ftw!

geek_whakatanerocks, Jun 4, 9:11 am

we have connected the freeview but it does not seem to work - no matter what we try. we tested the satellite but the it is reading 9.5 on satellite finder. but on freeview it says no signal! do you have any tips!


geek_guest, Sep 25, 1:36 pm

Hi Mark
Having problems with receiver,we did have freeview ok then next day turned on and nothing,can get menu up for radio channels but switch to tv & just a clicking when trying to do anything and just erratic lines on tv,Any ideas?

geek_steph, May 12, 4:33 pm

Hi I tried to tune in the prime channel but hit the factory settings and now I have nothing,how do I retune it in as I dont have auto tune

geek_john_s, Jan 26, 1:16 pm

Hi have a superview 380 freeview box and it shows 0 on the freeview box hve tried automatic scan and manual scan and only have 15% signal and no quality help please

geek_confused, Feb 6, 6:26 pm

i have WAV3010S Digital receiver which worked fine until some so-called expert, fiddled with the remote..and lost ALL my connections.
When i scan for a satellite.. it says NO channel scanned... HOW and WHERE do i get a channel in the first place.. second Which satellite must i use.
I live in Napier, Western Cape, South africa.. and want to have it work again.
Thank you

geek_willemine, Jul 1, 6:08 am