Could Norton be using up my 1GB monthly allowance?

Could Norton be using up my 1GB monthly allowance? I turn the comp on in the morning, have a look at TM a few times during day, look at a few craft sites most days and have Norton running, and now every month I am up to my 1GB allowance. I feel I am hardly using any internet but still adds up to 1GB - could it be Norton???

geek_elbie2, Jun 4, 7:53 pm

What else are you using the net for? if you can tell me what you do everyday on it for the past month, i can guesstimate your usage.

geek_make_a_bid, Jun 4, 7:55 pm

1GB isn't much at all, there would be people here using more than that in a day. how big are the norton defs?

geek_0800xford, Jun 4, 8:00 pm

Just surfing would average about 1 hour per day on TM just looking whats for sale, MBs etc, check Grabaseat most days, spend 5 mins per day looking at weather forecasts, maybe look at one craft blog site per day and yep thats about it - no downloads of any music, movies etc

geek_elbie2, Jun 4, 8:00 pm

How do I find about "how big are the norton defs" - sorry not to literate on comp stuff

geek_elbie2, Jun 4, 8:03 pm

do you have a wireless router?

geek_0800xford, Jun 4, 8:05 pm

Click on update def files or update something as i dont use nortons, if there is a files to be updates it will tell you the size of it. Do you watch any programmes online? Do you use a wireless modem? any one else use the computer?

geek_make_a_bid, Jun 4, 8:06 pm

Its a satellite connection and whenever I look at Nortons it tells me it has just updated like one or two minutes ago. No programmes watched on comp and kids used to download music but are now banned

geek_elbie2, Jun 4, 8:11 pm

The Norton updates I can see on their website are currently about 50MB (90MB for Unix platforms - what does that say...). The Microsoft Updates also use bandwidth, for example the Vista Service Pack 2 was about 300MB I think.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 4, 8:12 pm

Make sure those file sharing programs that you used to use, are actually deleted. They could still allowing other people to upload from your computer.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 4, 8:14 pm

Heck. Just a windows update or two can eat up a lot of it. Java update? What's your OS? Vista is progressively releasing SP2. Maybe you got that? There are plenty of reasons as to why it might be being used up. Perhaps you should consider a plan with a higher cap anyway? 1GB is very easily used these days.

geek_badcam, Jun 4, 8:15 pm

OS - XP home SP2 Yeah, would love to look at bigger allowance but in remote rural areas our only option is satellite and that already costs $99 for 1GB per month, raise it to 2GB per month and you add $24.95 - complete rip off in my opinion, thanks for all your comments though

geek_elbie2, Jun 4, 8:20 pm

Fileshare programmes have been deleted thanks for that thought too

geek_elbie2, Jun 4, 8:22 pm

didn't i read somewhere that satellite connections use more packages for data transfer [does that even sound right?] like the data needs an extra 'wrapper' or something???

geek_0800xford, Jun 4, 8:25 pm

Kilobytes extra nothing major

geek_goodolbob, Jun 4, 8:30 pm

Do you have MS Office? there was a 300+mb service pack delivered within the last month - would have used one third of your limit.

geek_nzmu, Jun 4, 9:08 pm

13. Deleted or Un-installed? Did you go into add/remove programmes and uninstall the programmes this way?

geek_badcam, Jun 4, 9:21 pm

You are getting ripped off. We have BorderNet sat bb3gb for $63 per month. Only trouble with BorderNet, it ties up your phoneline still. Who is your isp? Farmside? Also, no-one has mentioned that Norton is crap, although that's not the issue.

geek_hakatere1, Jun 5, 2:47 am

Thanks hakatere will look into bordernet, we are currently with farmside. Automatic updates for windows/ms office are turned off and I hardly ever manually update these.

geek_elbie2, Jun 5, 8:17 am

I've heard a rumour that BorderNet are not now accepting new NZ customers. In the last few minutes have sent them an e-mail asking if it's true and if it is, how will it affect existing customers.

geek_hakatere1, Jun 5, 8:37 am

1GB Download We also live in the country and now use Telecom Mobile Broadband (T Stick). We only have 1GB download too and I do everything you do and still have download left at the end of the month. I did find out that Skype (if you use that) really runs away with the gb's. We rejected Farmside as it was far too expensive - T Stick is $49.95 per month but only offers 1G at this price. Hopefully with the new network they will work out something a little better for us.

geek_guffer, Jun 5, 8:51 am

Turn automatic updates off. Only download the ones you want. Some of the updates can be quite large

geek_hayster94, Jun 5, 9:07 am

Iam with Telstraclear and a basic 1GB is $29.95. I usually use another 1GB which are added at a rate of $2.95 each. I do not live in the country.

geek_gilligee, Jun 5, 11:01 am

Answer received from BorderNet re new nz connections: "Dear (me),
Bordernet Internet will no longer be offering new
connections in New Zealand.
We will continue to offer our current New Zealand
clients their connections, and support for any
problems that may arise.


BorderNET Internet
Head Office Melbourne Australia
AUS: 1300-730-302
NZ: 0800-300-002"

geek_hakatere1, Jun 5, 3:42 pm