Help - lost printer installation disc - reinstall?

donna139, Jun 4, 8:24pm
Help - lost printer installation disc - reinstall? Hi, I'm hoping you knowledgeable people can help. Our computer broke last week and we just got it back from being repaired. We have lost just about everything including our printer installation. We can't find the installation CD/disc. Is there anyway I can re-install our printer without the disc? Thanks.

kevin16, Jun 4, 8:32pm
Do you think the manufacturers site may have a download that may suit?

collectiques, Jun 4, 8:43pm
As above most manufacturers have driver download and support areas try google :)

hakatere1, Jun 4, 10:40pm
Or, if it's not too old, ask the retailer to burn you a copy. He should do it as a service if he wants you back again.

westernstar61, Jun 4, 10:45pm
Some printers will show on yr computer once you plug them in. and you choose which model. as in HP 1210 etc

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