Urgent - problem with CANON MX700 printer

footplate1, Jun 4, 9:58pm
Urgent - problem with CANON MX700 printer I am unable to stop smudging in print pattern and every few lines. Print pattern clear at top and then smudges at bottom of black panel and pattern.
Have gone thought cleaning, deep cleaning, nozzle check, head alignment all the maintenance items. Have also changed the cartridge.

Any thoughts on what I can try next? Have many, many pages I must print today.

gyrogearloose, Jun 4, 10:11pm
Dirty rollers were the first thing that came to mind, but on second thought this doesn't match the symptom. Are you using standard paper, or a semi or full gloss paper? The Media Type = Plain Paper might need to be changed to suit the paper better. On the printing preferences, maintenance tab, there is a Custom Settings option, try changing the 'Ink Drying Wait Time' to a longer setting. Is this genuine ink? If not, maybe the ink needs a longer drying time.

gyrogearloose, Jun 4, 10:13pm
Also, have you cleared any paper jams recently which might have left a little piece of paper stuck inside the machine somewhere, not big enough to cause a paper jam but annoying enough to catch on the page while the ink is still wet.

footplate1, Jun 4, 10:37pm
You are brilliant! No obvious paper jam - and then I looked with a torch and found some paper wrapped around a roller in the bowels of the machine. Of course, there is no obvious way of accessing it.

Many thanks.

gyrogearloose, Jun 4, 10:44pm
Can you get to the paper with a kebab stick and loosen it without scratching the roller. Is there a flap on the back of that model that gives access to the roller? Is there better access if you take the bottom tray out? Dissasembling the case isn't easy and might not help (because you DON'T actually disassemble the 'guts' of the engine, you only remove the plastic surround) but there are illustrated guides on the internet.

footplate1, Jun 4, 10:51pm
Have removed the paper but blurring is still occurring. Going through the maintenance checks once more..


footplate1, Jun 5, 1:29am
Gyro Ended up Canon, on their helpdesk advice. Fixed on the spot. Tiny remnant of paper still in the works. Nothing I could have seen.

Thanks for your advice - I will now know to look in the less obvious place next time.

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