Dell Netbook - how to get 1GB of disk space back

mc24, Jun 5, 9:38pm
Dell Netbook - how to get 1GB of disk space back There is a file called Hiberfil.sys in the C: drive. If you have 1GB of memory (RAM), that's how big this file will be.

You won't be able to see this file unless you have changed your View settings in the 'Folder Options menu.

To remove it, just turn off the Hibernation mode in the Power Settings menu and restart the machine.

Check out for more details:

I've now got 3.6GB free in my 8GB Netbook instead of 2.6GB

mc24, Jun 5, 9:42pm
This will also work with other machines This change will of course work with other computers using Windows XP if the Hibernation mode is enabled.
Cheers, Mark

vtecintegra, Jun 6, 3:04am
Note that hibernation mode is an extremely useful feature - it'll keep all you programs open without the same impact on battery that suspend to ram has.

goodolbob, Jun 6, 3:30am
Um agreed why the hell would anyone disable hib? you can always just run cmd prompt and type powercfg -h off but again what a dumb idea.

drcspy, Jun 6, 3:48am
I've turned off mine I never use it I prefer sleep mode......

hdmovies, Jun 6, 5:19am
As above I never use it, so turned it off. Also disabling the page file/virtual memory can get you another 1 to 1.5gb of space back, and speed up the PCs performance.

dr.benway, Jun 6, 5:33am
Arghh. setting virtual memory to 2xRAM size and not letting os mange it can "sometimes" give you a marginal boost. Unless you have copious amounts of RAM disabling it is an invitation for system hangs.

smac, Jun 6, 6:47am
Re 7 Depends a lot on the system. Agreed that if people don't know what they're doing they can screw the pooch, but plenty of systems these days will run with no page file/swap file. Particularly when there's off the shelf systems running around with 2-4Gb ram.

smac, Jun 6, 6:48am
I'n now running a PIII 800MHz machine with less than 400MB ram with no swap, and it's happy as :)

swivel, Jun 6, 6:58am
Another old trick is to put a small drive in your PC, and assign the swap file to go there. (Old gamers trick)

dr.benway, Jun 6, 7:24am
@10 yeah I'm considering one of these for an 8GB swap for my gaming rig; trying to get some of that SSD loving on a platter budget. @9 open a few big apps, start iTunes and open a 600dpi A4 file in photoshopYou will need a LOT of ram to avoid swap, even with an 12GB DDR3 i7 i built as a workstation for an Architect - the swap file gets trashed in 3DsMax / Vue...

smac, Jun 6, 10:25am
Re 11 Yes I know there's times it's I said, it's case by case. I reckon 90% of PC's out there (as in personal) get used for email + browser, so what do they buy? a 4GHz machine with 4Gb ram and a nuclear reactor for a graphics card....

dr.benway, Jun 6, 10:26am
LOL actually it's usually a nuclear reactor for a CPU and a AAA battery for a graphics card...

hdmovies, Jun 6, 11:30pm
disabling the swap drive realy does benefit computers with slow HDDs, such as the SSD Netbooks that are on the market now. And considering most run xp, I'd definetly recommend it for those with 1gb or ram or more. Response times of applications is much better, and there's far less write cycles going to the HDD which can only be good for the flash memory.

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