Help please - Access

teg3, Jun 6, 1:20am
Help please - Access Never used Access before but have an old database at work that needs fixing up. Have had some help but need to check if the limitations are in fact system limitations or lack of knowledge. Anyone out there that can give me a couple of hours tuition in the Auckland area would be greatly appreciated.

0800xford, Jun 6, 2:46pm
i have no idea, but someone else may.

skiltz, Jun 7, 5:08am
What kind of limitations are we talking of? Can you explain?

teg3, Jun 7, 8:40pm
Skiltz If I enter data in one table eg price for part can I then have several parts (prices) added together and shown on another table without needing a report/ query?

r.g.nixon, Jun 7, 8:56pm
From my memories of relational database design, that would be no.

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