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timturtle, Jun 6, 6:33am
Windows Vista is it any good ? have heard bad things about it, but nothing specific, how do others find it, and what other options are available if i was going to buy a new lap top ? TIA

cybertao, Jun 6, 6:38am
Some allow 'downgrades' to Windows XP so you can try Vista and install XP if you don't like it. So ask about that. It's also possible some will allow a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out, so ask about that as well. Don't let the software influence your decision too much as you are buying a piece of hardware that can't be easily changed, not a piece of software that can be.

timturtle, Jun 6, 6:50am
Thanks for that what minimum specs would you go for, sales people say 2g RAM 2g processor are the minimum, there seems to be so many combinations available, and yet extra RAM is not that expensive, so am a bit confused. TIA

kylestyle, Jun 6, 6:57am
Vista is up to Service Pack 2 now and in my opinion, all the problems Vista had at the beginning, such as slow file copying, have all disappeared now - just like XP improved as time went on. Don't listen to the naysayers, Vista is fine. And if you buy an OEM version of Vista, you will be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it comes out - which is impressively bug-free already. Get an OEM Vista now and you can't go wrong!

swivel, Jun 6, 7:01am
Kylestyle more info on that. As the ones I sell at the shop doesn't say anything about that. Granted my Vista home prem oem is only $167

timturtle, Jun 6, 7:20am
Sorry but what does OEM stand for ? Thanks

ritchie.426, Jun 6, 8:10am
FUNNY...NOT My poxy compaq with Vista (18months old) crashed this morn, have spent all afternoon trying to reboot. If I cant reboot it I'll go back to XP. Its been very slow and freezes a lot. EVERY time I log on to the net theres new updates ready. Just fired up this ol PC running windows 2000 with a processor speed of 1.6, almost half that of the laptop, this ol things just as fast, maybe slightly quicker and is a lot morer friendlier than Vista. I would recommend if your buying new to consider a Apple. That will be my next one, theres one on here (brand new) for $200 more than my compac ($1200) with better specs, no suseptibilty to viruses and no need to update everyday....

ritchie.426, Jun 6, 8:15am
They say they have fixed all the problemsBOLLOCKS!!! If going Vista you MUST run a/v software (a down load from limewire finished mine off). They say their defender is enough...not even. The only positive is that Vista allows you to backup all your files before you reboot (wheeeew!!). XP or Apple, tis my verdict...

nzmu, Jun 6, 8:18am
Vista is perfectly fine, as with any computer, keep it clean and tidy (system), protected, and use some common sense, and you shouldn't have any problems. Be aware that it will take a little getting used to as it is 'arranged' a little different to XP.

kevin16, Jun 6, 8:23am
Ritchie.426 couldn't possibly be pebcak of course,.. or maybe 'they' have singled you out,mwhuhahahaha

gibler, Jun 6, 8:23am
Vista kills cute little fluffy kittens.. .....

kylestyle, Jun 6, 8:41am
Swivel it was in this recent news release "Microsoft has also revealed that customers who buy a Vista-based PC in the run-up to the launch will be able to install Windows 7 when it's released, though a start date for this upgrade program hasn't yet been confirmed." - not that particular new release but another one specifically said it will be a free upgrade.. ahh here's a link to confirm it:

drcspy, Jun 6, 8:43am
if you MUST download RUBBISH and illegal crap from limewire you have NO-ONE but YOURSELF to blame for your ills......rofl.....

deodar, Jun 6, 8:44am
Users like XP & 7 eclipses Vista,so is better. .It runs on lower spec machines;
1 GB RAM & 1.83 GHz CPU (Dual Core)
is faster than Vista.
.XP Mode-XP will Dual Boot and
run all apps inside 7 without any
need for virtual PC,it will be part
of 7's final release.The 7 Eula
covers XP as well,2 OS's for price
of 1.The big Microsoft Secret but
you heard it here first!

kylestyle, Jun 6, 8:44am
And regarding the pc that was running Vista slowly I would say the fact it was running Limewire says to me that god knows what else was installed on the thing and running in the background to make Vista run like a pig on that machine.. can't always blame the operating system. If you've got a zillion other things competing for resources and all sorts of unseen malware doing their thing it's no wonder vista won't play ball.. XP will only partially disguise the problem as it doesn't use quite as much resources.

drcspy, Jun 6, 8:45am
Oh and & 8 your ignorance is showing..'reboot' simply means to turn your computer off then turn it back on again..........

kylestyle, Jun 6, 8:46am
Re 13 my sentiments exactly! Ahh but some of us on this board now carry worthless opinionsbecause we aren't in with the cool Linux hoodlums with their ghetto speak and backslashes and muntification of computer nerdspeak..

deodar, Jun 6, 8:48am
Kylestyle had it first To give credit where it's due.

kylestyle, Jun 6, 8:52am
From my second link in Free upgrades from Vista to Windows 7 begin June 26th, Buyers of new PCs have started to find an unexpected bonus amidst the manuals, leaflets and warranty cards, as OEMs begin promoting Microsoft

ritchie.426, Jun 6, 9:00am
My Compaq with Vista has run slow and frozen since purcahsed new and was returned to the store 4 times. The AVG and defender were always kept upto date and it was scanned regularly with both as well as online. My XP had several gig of songs from limewire yet I had no problems there, that was also a Compaq. Perhaps all you know all's on here should circulate some business cards....

drcspy, Jun 6, 9:06am
You bloody dimwit a lot of us 'know alls' ARE professional techs ! Do you think we're talkin thu a hole in our hats ?.....theres all kinds of possible reasons why your vista compaq might have been laptop here is a low end Asus and it runs vista home premium very well indeed......and so do all the computers my clients own.....duh !

kevin16, Jun 6, 9:06am
'returned to the store 4 times',slow learner?, thanks for reminding me about the cards though,...

nzmu, Jun 6, 9:12am
Limewire = cr@p and I am no way a tech and even I know that!

ritchie.426, Jun 6, 9:28am
Aparently it was professional techs who looked at my machine yet no faults were found yet I still had problems with it.So are they dimwits because they, the professionals, couldnt identify the issues with this machine or am I a dimwit for buying a Vista machine from a MAJOR retail store?

ritchie.426, Jun 6, 9:31am
KEVIN16 by your reckoning, so as not to be classed as a slow learner by YOU, when someone encounters a problem with a machine they should obviouisly return it for a refund and obviously not by the same brand or operating software again then? And the machine had to be serviced through the store I brought it off so as not to void warranty.

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