is there such a thuing as a USB double adapter

Is there such a thuing as a USB double adapter ?? my laptop only had 3 usb plugs then one broke so now down to two!is there something i can buy that will add more?? easily and withot much cost?

geek_jacqui248, Jun 6, 7:43 pm

YeahI see them at dick smiths all the timeplugs into one port and makes 2 or 4. forget the price not much. under 20 I think.

geek_art4ukiwi, Jun 6, 7:45 pm

You need a USB hub .

geek_nzoomed, Jun 6, 7:45 pm

A USB hub is what you're looking for. SOmething like this perhaps.There are so many variations: & a TinyURL

geek_badcam, Jun 6, 7:45 pm

Yes Hi jacqui248. You can buy a USB Hub from Dick Smith for $25. You might even get one cheaper if you shop around.

geek_anniefriday, Jun 6, 7:46 pm

It's best to get one with an external power supply That does make it less convenient for portability. But otherwise you will end up drawing power for multiple devices through one port, and possibly burning it out like the one that's dead.

geek_cybertao, Jun 6, 7:48 pm

I got a couple off here I forget the cost but it was a pittance.. one is a 4 hub think the otherw as a 2 but I gave that to the kid..(g/d)

geek_grannypam, Jun 6, 7:48 pm

Ok sweet thanks!! ...

geek_jacqui248, Jun 6, 7:50 pm

A cheapie<br />

geek_grannypam, Jun 6, 7:50 pm

Maybe this?? or maybe something like this card adapter on trademe. Type in this number in the box just below the mytradme tab up on the top.


geek_art4ukiwi, Jun 6, 7:51 pm

There is a whole catorgary for usb hubs here . on trademe

geek_pheonix, Jun 6, 7:51 pm

Ibrought mine from Harvey Norman, called "Hi Speed USB 2.0 4-port Mobile Hub" has its own power adaptor to plug into the Main. I think it cost me $28.00. Very handy 2

geek_passive, Jun 9, 6:07 pm