Colour Printing question....

vix.tribe, Mar 10, 9:37am
Colour Printing question.... when I have something on my monitor, it's nice and bright and crisp, but when I print it, it comes out dull and flat. I've tried lightening the pictures, but the colours are still not right. Which settings should I be changing, and in which direction? It's a brother dcp-330c, if that makes a difference.

toymit, Mar 10, 9:52am
Might want to adjust your screen settings instead. ..

morrisman1, Mar 10, 10:02am
Quite possibly the paper that you are using. that ultimately decides how the photos will look. also choose settings that are optimised for glossy paper when you choose to use some of that. not many monitors are colour accurate or printers for that matter. you might just have to deal with it if proper paper and settings dont solve your issue

vix.tribe, Mar 10, 10:03am
Lol I did think of that. I really want these things to print out brighter though. It's the difference between a good photo and a brilliant one.

vix.tribe, Mar 10, 10:03am
Oops.... posted at the same time... thanks morrisman.

toymit, Mar 10, 10:51am
When I do pictures/photos..I have HP all-in-one I dont adjust the brightness/contrast alot unless its very necessary.I may just brighten a little bit.Try printing a picture without adjusting anything and see how that turns out and adjust printer settings accordingly.

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