Acer laptop monitor u/s

hunterecho, Jun 7, 7:42am
Acer laptop monitor u/s Hi there. Does anyone have any idea how if monitors on laptops are a) prone to breaking and b) difficult to fix? Our laptop is about 4 years old and the screen started going a pink tone and now you have to hold a torch up to it to see what is on the screen cos its so dark!!!! Thanks for the help!!

dougstringer, Jun 7, 7:55am
You probably have a failing inverter or backlight. Try replacing the inverter, approx $100 + installation, else a new lcd panel may be needed.

hunterecho, Jun 7, 8:35am
Thanks! We will look into getting it fixed but it may work out cheaper to buy a new one the way pooter prices are these days!

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