Photosmart printer

julzago, Jun 7, 10:42am
Photosmart printer Hey guys my printer has suddenly started to come up with an error when I try to plug in memory card and save files - there is no computer connection and the same when I try to scan and save! What has happened??

nzmu, Jun 7, 10:48am
Does it print - or do you get the same message? could be a faulty usb cable or, have you recently removed the usb connection from the pc and put it into a different place?

julzago, Jun 7, 10:54am
Hino it still prints from the pc and the all the cables are still in the same place I have tried everything I know and just scratch my head I am quite pc literate and now I am just getting frustrated, even have unplugged and shutdown the whole system and restarted?? Ahhh

nzmu, Jun 7, 10:57am
I would, try another usb cable, another usb port on the pc and if neither of those work, check the hp solution centre - you should have it if you installed all the software correctly. I take it you have been able to scan and read cards up till now?

julzago, Jun 7, 11:01am
Yep I sure have been able to Maybe I will try another cable have the solution centre will have a peek but usually not much help thanks for your ideas will plod on and keep fingers crossed I have had the printer for some months.

nzmu, Jun 7, 11:05am
Hp's are known to have little hissy fits I recently bought the C5380hoping mine behaves itself lol.

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