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k0tl, Jun 8, 2:59am
Linux vs Windows (I wonder) Ok so I use various flavours of linux and even one BSD box (hardware firewall/router) and my wife uses Ubuntu (Debian really) and we both use Windows Vista occasionally for work etc. No major hassles with windows cept for the usual annoyances, permission tabs and slow load times...I would love to hear serious debate about the pros and cons of each. I know people dont usually want to try linux because its got a reputation for technicality and Im aware that nix users think windows is bloated and conforms to an unhealthy mindset, click click...oopsie I dont understand whats happening...just click ok....etc...

Whats the go dudes/dudettes...why do you think Windows/Linux is better than the other? For instance I love linux because I know whats going on. I know whats installed and where everything is, what its doing and how to stop/start/edit anything onboard. I do get annoyed when ATI or Harman/Kardon hardware is not working properly because of a lack of support....your turn....

dunedin_ree, Jun 8, 3:05am
So to summarise you like Linux because you know more about it. Can't contribute to this particular discussion because I don't use either as my main OS, but thought it was interesting that the difference for you, was *you* and not the OS.

executor1, Jun 8, 3:07am
Personally, I dualboot linux mint and windows on both of my boxes, simply because although windows is a royal pain in the ass for most things, there is the occasional thing that is easier to setup and use on windows than linux. (Ipod support, network printing, etc)

intrade, Jun 8, 3:07am
I use linux and run windows xp in the virtual box- boots in a few secounds cant be stuffed to waste my time to mutch on winblows..

cybertao, Jun 8, 3:08am
Linux is great to setup for other people because I don't give them the superuser password, or tell them to ask me about it before entering it. They can't stuff up. Family call centre support(as in me) can give instructions on what to install from the package manager or follow my instructions to do something. No different versions of Windows, no downloading from different websites(or even going to websites). Easy to transfer to another computer(as in, plug in or copy the old hard-drive to the new/loan computer). No registry hacks. No spyware. No automatic updates that frag the system. Less need for hardware upgrades and performance on older systems. No WGA, OGA, lack of codecs, or any other M$ buggery in general.

k0tl, Jun 8, 3:15am
and indeed....err...ok? Not sure I follow you however yes, I do understand Linux. I also understand Windows. I like them both well enough for what they are and do. I am politically opposed to Windows however and perhaps even spiritually opposed to the Microsoft credo. However I agree that for me, the point of difference between the two rests solely with
YOU ROCK. Im the same with my dad and friends...I have a list of everyone elses SU passwords in my head...and yeah its So easy.

whakatanerocks, Jun 8, 3:32am
I'm with cyber on this. Except I have multiple boots on my computer. I have XP (for C# programming) win7 (to see what it was about) Ubuntu (for wifey, so she can't break anything) and Debian for me. Nix is for people who actually know something about computers, and aren't happy with the bloatware, pain in the ass, always updating forever scanning POS that windoze is.

lostdude, Jun 8, 3:50am
Since I'm a gamer, I use Windows. In fact, nearly every app I depend on is Windows based & does not have a Nix port yet so I *have* to run windows. I'd prefer to run Nix but can't be arsed with a vbox lol. Call me lazy but until opengl overtakes directx in the preferred gaming api for programmers, I'll stick with windows. I do however run 2 other nix boxes & a laptop dual boot. Debian for the wifey also & kubuntu for the kidsall for the same reason; so they don't stuff anything up lol.

0800xford, Jun 8, 4:12am
"kubuntu for the kids" ha ha ha ha ha nice =p

lostdude, Jun 8, 4:22am
LOL I gave them ubuntu first but they saw kubuntu on the laptop & wanted it instead cos it looked "cooler" LOL

0800xford, Jun 8, 4:23am
kubuntu is for kids ha ha yeah! EL OH EL XD

dunedin_ree, Jun 8, 4:30am
Er, what? These are the reasons you listed for preferring linux:"For instance I love linux because I know whats going on. I know whats installed and where everything is, what its doing and how to stop/start/edit anything onboard.". For the record, I'm not anti-linux, just pointing out that those aren't reasons to do with the OS as much as your level of knowledge/interest.

kiwi-eyes, Jun 8, 4:30am
you ever dont get errors or have been around win sux long enough to figure stuff out but you miss the point with winblows dialog boxes saying "I think your a twit, OK" and the like I dual boot ubuntu/xp and ubuntu/vista. and have to say my dell works so much better under linux.. btw have used windows since 91, so thats like ummh 17 years

dunedin_ree, Jun 8, 4:42am
was that directed at me or someone else? Because I can't follow the first part.

cybertao, Jun 8, 4:43am
Are you making a pass at the 'tao or are you after my Model M?

0800xford, Jun 8, 4:45am
clandestine park meeting / wood chop-a-thon?

cybertao, Jun 8, 4:58am
Chopping wood, toe to toe, with my trusty Model M. You can do that, you know. And it still works when you plug it back in.

ferita, Jun 8, 5:00am
I use whatever, i dont care too much I went through a big linux phase back around 9-10 years ago. Now days I have linux dual booting on here but most days I use windows as I dont see the point in trying to get windows programs running on linux. I use a lot of windows programs to earn a living so to be honest money is more important to me then using linux. I actually think that there are emerging operating systems like the reactOS one that I would probably use instead of linux someday.

pookypooky, Jun 8, 5:02am
Linux is hard to access for your average or even advanced end-user, not marketed, disjointed ie many diff. distros to the point of confusion, geekyit seems like unless you spend enough time in front of your PC to configure all of the stuff you want to work to work properly under more software that ends up just emulating windows on a linux platform anyway - also taking into consideration finding hardware drivers for linux - it's not for you. using a PC to play movies, surf the net, play video gamesbasically anything - i don't see many people making the daunting switch over to a totally different OS. linux has a niche with ultranerds and on servers, end of.

0800xford, Jun 8, 5:06am
yeah, linux sucks.

cybertao, Jun 8, 5:10am
Nah, you've got it wrong there, pooky. My sister phoned me the other day. She works in insurance and recovered a stolen laptop that had already been paid out for. With no disks, I I explained to her the possibility that there is a recovery partition. As to other options, I told her to download Ubuntu. Finding the correct version of Windows for the sticker under the laptop is a pain in the ass, as is dealing with all the setup and security measures involved. She can also boot Ubuntu off the CD and try it out before she has to make any decisions. People like Windows because that's what came on their computer, how it was set up, and what they are familiar with. Upgrading Windows is something most people are reluctant to do for the same reasons as linux, only it doesn't offer you a try before you 'buy' option.

ferita, Jun 8, 5:12am
There are windows boot cd's that run windows from ram the same as linux ones. Granted they are not MS products but they are around.

seriouslycgi, Jun 8, 6:18am
microsoft would fail if they offered such a thing. windows install needs quadruple the ram than an ubuntu live cd does. a widows live would bsod on 90% of hardware lol

ferita, Jun 8, 6:31am
Re: 23 MS do have a live CD called windows PE. Its a light version of vista or XP (I cant remember).

seriouslycgi, Jun 8, 6:36am
Oh i know sorry i meant if they handed out one officially to demo windows

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