Using a PC VGA to TV RCA S-Video Converter on mac

Using a PC VGA to TV RCA S-Video Converter on mac I have one of these converters that I bought for my old laptop. I now want to use it with my macbook which has a mini dvi, to watch video files and dvds through my tv. Im wondering what is the best thing to do a) buy a mini dvi to VGA cable to connect the macbook to my existing converter or b) just buy the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter (is this all thats needed to play videos and dvds on my macbook through the tv?) Both options cost about the same. Hope this makes sense!

geek_sakura9, Jun 8, 7:17 pm

I personally would get the mini-dvi to vga adapter as that will be more versatile and will allow you to connect an external computer monitor or projector. You can use your existing adapter to adapt from the vga to tv signal. If you bought the mini-dvi to video adapter you would be limited to using it with your tv

geek_morrisman1, Jun 8, 7:25 pm

Thanks morrisman1 Sounds like that would give me more options. I was just trying to work out whether it was worth hanging on to the existing adapter as I paid quite a bit for it or getting rid of it on here! Cheers.

geek_sakura9, Jun 8, 7:51 pm

If you have an LCD tv then theres a good chance it will have a vga input on it and that way you get much better quality

geek_morrisman1, Jun 8, 9:35 pm

Re1 how about selling your vga to rca converter on here (to me:P) to help pay for the other gear you would be handy to use with my netbook (no tv out)

geek_dino7, Jun 8, 10:31 pm

The apple video adapter, has both rca (composite) and s-video connectors...

geek_dr.benway, Jun 8, 11:45 pm

Managed to get the old laptop working So will just keep using the adapter with that for now. Thanks for the advice guys!

geek_sakura9, Jun 9, 3:10 pm