So.. the iPhone 3GS is confirmed

wholesaler, Jun 8, 7:46pm
So.. the iPhone 3GS is confirmed

wholesaler, Jun 8, 8:16pm
And New Zealand doesn't get it until July some time dammit

deus701, Jun 8, 8:28pm
When's apple releasing the new ipods!

morrisman1, Jun 8, 10:21pm
Ipods in september as usual

spraggles, Jun 8, 11:10pm
So apple is going to sell the old iphone for 99 buks american, will we still be paying a ridiculous price for it here?

dr.benway, Jun 9, 12:10am
That's 99 on a planBut yeah, Voda has conspicuoulsy NOT dropped the prices to match. Voda are such rip-off merchants.

woogmo, Jun 9, 12:34am
And just a few months ago vodafone were gods and telecom was "telescum"

dr.benway, Jun 9, 4:20am
Personally I always felt like it's a case of picking the best deal of a bad bunch. It's as if water supply was privatised and they had us over a barrel because you need water, so they'll charge as outrageously as they can get away with. You need net and cell so....

wholesaler, Jun 9, 4:35am
Telecom wont be offering it, so I guess I will be buying this and switching it to Telecom. Although all my work have just got iPhone 3G's via their work plan and the reception seems to be good via 3G so maybe Telecom will be ok

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