help - good cheap home printer??

bert747, Jun 9, 2:02am
Help - good cheap home printer?? hi any recommendations for a CHEAP home printer?? preferably one that does not cost the earth in ink cartridges!!

r.g.nixon, Jun 9, 2:06am
Epson TX200 if you want a scanner as well. Picked one up for $95 on special. Separate ink cartridges.

0800xford, Jun 9, 2:22am
i have an epson C59 here, $9.99 inks, separate too. the whole printer cost about $40? it's loud and slow though.

0800xford, Jun 9, 2:27am
i had an epson C65 a while ago that was MUCH nicer, $30 inks though.

mad_murphy, Jun 9, 4:39am
Epson I have a T20 though I think its been replaced now. Just grab whatever is their cheapest model. Inks are cheap and are pigment inks rather than crappy dye inks.

cybertao, Jun 9, 5:36am
Do you need colour? I've got a Brother 2040 laser. It was only $170, and done a lot of printing over two years with it.

bert747, Jun 10, 12:15am
Yes am after colour

0800xford, Jun 10, 12:17am

crab2, Jun 10, 12:26am
Epson multifunction here wouldn't go back to Brother, epson are reliable and cheap ink prices.

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