Free hosting for an organisation website

kvb, Jun 9, 2:36am
Free hosting for an organisation website I am sure this has been addressed previously but I can't find it...
I have been asked to set up and maintain a website for an organisation. I am happy to do that for them, but wonder if I could get them free hosting - preferably somewhere I could do the the work on the likes of Dreamweaver and ftp the pages. Any assistance/advice would be appreciated thanks

d.laidlaw, Jun 9, 2:38am
It would depend on the organisation and their status as to what you might get

kvb, Jun 9, 2:43am
They are just a small local group Non profit, just trying to - I guess - stand up for their rights

d.laidlaw, Jun 9, 2:44am
Are they incorporated as a non-profit or just a group of like minded souls?

kvb, Jun 9, 2:49am
Don't think they are inc. Just trying to save on postage etc by putting all the newsletters and latest info up onto website.

d.laidlaw, Jun 9, 2:54am
A really good idea hmmm, I assume they would want their own domain name (or have one already)?

kvb, Jun 9, 2:59am
Yes, they already have a domain. and they do have a site up hosted free with but involves a lot of work and is very limited - would rather have one I could use Dreamweaver with - by the way, thank you for your interest

executor1, Jun 9, 3:06am

kvb, Jun 9, 3:19am
#### 8 This looks very interesting, am just going to research it now and will 'present my case' to them soon as I have it all sussed - you will get the honorary mention for your help - many thanks

little_egypt, Jun 9, 4:50am
Google sites Free as long as you're not a business, insanely easy to add content, plenty of templates, very easy to register a domain and point the dns to and they do NOT put any advertising on either (and certainly not that "What's your IQ" crap!!)

tradeswap, Jun 9, 6:37am

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