How do to install a brother printer without disc?

durham, Jun 9, 8:50am
How do to install a brother printer without disc? I have a brother printer and cannot figure out if there is a way to install my printer onto it. I have misplaced the disc. What do I do. Many thanks.

dunedin_ree, Jun 9, 8:50am
Go to the brother website download the drivers from there.

durham, Jun 9, 8:51am
I have tried and am now stuck again .

dunedin_ree, Jun 9, 8:52am
How are you stuck? Please be specific: what is the model of your printer and what is the link that you went to to get the drivers. If you have downloaded and tried to run the drivers, what error message did you get.

durham, Jun 9, 8:53am
I have downloaded what I think is the right file and it is sitting my my documents and settings area but when I double click on it it comes up with all these little boxes and none of them make sense.

durham, Jun 9, 8:53am
DCP150c .

dunedin_ree, Jun 9, 8:54am
What is the url you went to and what do the boxes say.

durham, Jun 9, 8:55am

drcspy, Jun 9, 8:59am
We are not psychic and the description 'all these little boxes' is pretty much useless.......

durham, Jun 9, 9:03am
Oki have figured out these are languages. I have started to install printer but it has stopped at "connect machine'. I have plugged in the usb and turned on machine and it wont do anything now.

durham, Jun 9, 9:09am
It does not have my specific printer on its list and i need to find one thats specifics are the same. But i cannot find anywhere on the net which one matches up. This is doing my head in.

durham, Jun 9, 9:44am
Brother DCP150c
Serial no. U61854F8F652883

I have downloaded software and I get the part that says Connect machine - plug in USB cable and a box comes over it saying
Add Printer Wizard
Install Printer Software
The manufacturer and model determine which printer software to use
Select the manufacturer and model of your printer. If your printer came with an installation disk, click Have Disk. If your printer is not listed, consult your printer docmuentation for compatible printer software.

Of course I do not have a disc or documentation and cannot find anywhere on the net anything that is compatitable with this printer

spyware, Jun 9, 11:14am
Simply ignore the add printer wizard - just click cancel. Simply windows trying to be intelligent and doesn't know that you are running the official installer.

spyware, Jun 9, 11:14am
Then find a 4 year old. .

durham, Jun 9, 11:38am
Oknow the next button is not becoming highlighter so I can carry on to next step

poohy99, Jun 10, 8:03am
Can or "can't" ?

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