Best photo printer (is there one that can cope

meg13, Jun 9, 8:27pm
Best photo printer (is there one that can cope with 12x12) but at the least do up to a4.

art4ukiwi, Jun 9, 8:31pm
I was very impressed with my Canon PIXMA. Very impressed. But doing A4 size is going to suck up that expensive ink in no time. Ever thought of going to one of those small in and out print shops. I would.

Where they do professional A4's with powered toner?

deej5, Jun 9, 10:25pm
I use two printers One printer is the Epson R800 dedicated to photo printing and is excellent with 6 colours. I also have a 4 colour Epson Stylus CX8300 with scanner for general printing. I find this is the most economical use of ink.

meg13, Jun 10, 1:22am
Thanks guys its for print scrapbook pages I have herd that it does use a lot of ink but as i am saving on paper stickers and developing the photos I would think it would cost me approx. 10 dollar a page I wonder how many pages a ink pack would last?

meg13, Jun 12, 12:19am
Ok have decided that a4 is as big as I need but I would like one with as many options of colours as possible or do you think that it doesnt matter? the three plus black is enough so confussed

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