ADSL light goes out all the time

ADSL light goes out all the time Why does my ADSL light go out all the time and I get disconnected
It is VERY annoying and I can't finish anything.
Try to get through to Telecom but busy.

geek_ceila, Apr 14, 1:02 pm

Start the process before even ringing them cos they'll just get you to do it. Make sure you have filters on everything else connected to any Jackpoints. Sky/Fax Machines/Monitored Alarms etc...Unplug everything except the modem. Check each other device on one jackpoint at a time. Change filters on each device (could be a faulty filter)

geek_soodanim, Apr 14, 1:05 pm

Ok will do Thanks

geek_ceila, Apr 14, 1:08 pm

Also could be cable test/change them too. If nothing changes you can at least advise you've tested when you ring.

geek_soodanim, Apr 14, 1:08 pm

There is 2 reasons for this 1 is you have a line problem , or 2 your modem is a d-link crap modem who always will not work right. if 2 fits the bill then buy a propper modem router like i did and then you can diagnose a fault with the modem and tell telecon what to fix, saves loads of your time . I have a us-robotics sure connect modem 3com modems are the same company or a linksys modem would also be what to buy , make sure it is a modem-router not a plain router with no modem built in to it.

geek_intrade, Apr 14, 1:13 pm

Ok Cheers Thanks

geek_ceila, Apr 14, 1:18 pm

Lol bollocks intrade. Just because you experienced problems with d-link doesn't mean everyone is/has/will. That's just your opinion, you should state that at least.

geek_soodanim, Apr 14, 1:20 pm

In saying that.... it COULD be the modem, but just because you may or may not have a d-link doesn't require you to go rushing out to buy another.

geek_soodanim, Apr 14, 1:22 pm

Also there are a lot of upgrades going on at exchanges at the moment...It might be just that they are working on yours.

geek_soodanim, Apr 14, 1:27 pm

Soodanim There is 3 things in life that "intrade" hates, and will pick on. Telecom, D-link, Microsoft. The lad only has one eyed view. Will never get anywhere in life, as it's only his way will work. But have to say, Sometime he says Stupid (bordering PEBKAC) so he's a laugh.

geek_swivel, Apr 14, 1:28 pm

Yep my posts were more for #1's benefit than intrades :)

geek_soodanim, Apr 14, 1:32 pm

For #10 and similar viewpoints Pinched from motors a little while back.

geek_b1979, Apr 14, 1:41 pm

Damb it Swivel Beat me to it ;-) LOL

geek_mrfxit, Apr 14, 4:15 pm

My D-LInk drops put too often have to re-boot it to fix so not the line of filter.

geek_ponyboy, Apr 14, 6:31 pm

14... Just because your Dlink drops out all the time doesn't mean its a problem with all Dlinks everywhere in New Zealand. I would say the majority of cases with ADSL losing sync would be due to something wrong with the lines, be it a phone that someone has forgotten to put a filter on or something further down the line outside of the persons control.

geek_rhys.m, Apr 14, 6:36 pm

15 i would recommend poster 14 sells you his modem to you for 150$ and then he buys a proper modem. You should really have to purchase it from him there should be a new law so you must with comments like you posted.

geek_intrade, Apr 14, 6:45 pm

Sorry 16 I don't quite understand broken English, but from what I've seen on the boards it looks to me like you don't like Dlinks for whatever reason, maybe one backed you into a corner when you were younger and took advantage of you? I don't know and I really don't care. I know its "cool" to like underground stuff like Linux and 3Com and I bet all your friends really like you for it but unfortunately most of the world uses mainstream things, such as Windows and Dlinks and to actually solve problems we can't just immediately jump to the conclusion that it's broken just for the simple fact that it is branded a Dlink.

geek_rhys.m, Apr 14, 7:05 pm

Just a question here. What model D-link do you have, and do you connect via NW or USB ??

geek_swivel, Apr 14, 7:12 pm

#9 Could well be right I have been experiencing drop outs heaps over the last few days, now I know my area was due for upgrades around this time so I ahave been putting it down to that. PS, it is NOT my modem and yes, I have a D-Link.

geek_b1979, Apr 14, 11:26 pm

Im out west mine dropped out 4 x today,,my partner had seen someone at the exchange box,,do as above, do all the checks, also log into modem and check all settings and time and country settings,,I had a similar prob a few months back had to call my ISP and they re-set the ports and I was sweet. I have also learnt a good quality modem router is a good investment.

geek_pcfix4u, Apr 14, 11:43 pm

I live in the bush and i droped off 0 times .

geek_intrade, Apr 15, 1:26 am