Snow Leopard Thread...

morrisman1, Jun 10, 9:28am
Snow Leopard ThreadWhat interests you most about it? Are you going to upgrade on release? Im surprised there hasnt been a thread already. I will be an early adopter definetely, im quite excited about it and the claimed speed increases because OSX is already blazing fast. Top features for me are folders within stacks, new expose features and being able to trim videos in quicktime without having to re-encode what you have trimmed down to or use a video editing application.

gibler, Jun 10, 10:09am
Seems pretty underwhelming for me doesn't look like any milestone Finder changes. Mail and iCal upgrades look could. As per usual, it will be a world of pain (app issues, driver problems) until 10.6.4 or so...

morrisman1, Jun 10, 10:38am
There is a developer build online i should have that later on this month so ill post an update. I think 10.6 will set a very good foundation for 10.7 to build upon.

dunedin_ree, Jun 10, 10:47am
I've had a 10.6 preview for months haven't bothered installing it it didn't look like enough of an update from 10.5 to warrant it.

malachiman, Jun 10, 11:29am
I will update almost as soon as it comes out and after I read forums of problems lol, seriously I love the potential of SL, expose built into the dock, Hey morrisman where are some new photos of you hackintosh??

malachiman, Jun 10, 11:32am
At the moment though I am more interested in iPhone OS 3 coming out.. woo hoo cut and paste lol

morrisman1, Jun 10, 11:32am
I havnt got the wooden section of the case completed yet, that will be later this month. It is still a bunch of components on my desk but have moved from on the printer to on a box as i needed the scanner! I will post pictures the very second the case is completed.

malachiman, Jun 10, 11:38am
Cool looking forward to seeing it

morrisman1, Jun 10, 11:50am
I look forward to having it complete! I might attempt to put snow leopard on it when i get a build of that later on. That would be v. interesting.

thegilly, Jun 10, 12:10pm
I resisted upgrading to Leopard in the first place (the first computer I owned was an iBook G4 running Tiger). When it was just me and my iBook, I didn't want to give up the Classic support that let me play ancient versions of SimCity and Tetris and best-game-ever-designed-for-the-mouse Crystal Quest. Then I had my C2D iMac and so Classic wasn't an issue, but I couldn't see anything wrong with Tiger and I didn't much like the 'darker' look of the Leopard UI. Now I find myself on a year-old MBP that came with Leopard, and I'm thinking "why would I want to upgrade? I like Leopard. There's nothing wrong with Leopard..." Not an early adopter here, I guess. :-)

morrisman1, Jun 10, 12:19pm
At least you arent 'waiting till 10.x.5' its not like there are MAJOR problems when its released. I had leopard from very early on in its lifecycle, i bought in november and it came out in october, i think the macbook came with 10.5.0. Over the entire time i have found no issues with it. Some people had some but i wasnt part of that minority. I dont hesitate to upgrade, especially with this speed increase luring me!

dr.benway, Jun 10, 3:28pm
I think many of you are missing the point Of Snow Kitty. It's designed more of a functional/performance upgrade rather than an os overhaul. Think back to the 10.0-.1 situation rather than .3 to .4. As such it brings full 64bit support to the bulk of the core OS, openCL support so that the role of GPUs is much more important. In short, it will be a great stability and performance boon to Core2 and later systems. Core and earlier - not so much. I've been running it for a while now, and even the early builds show a palpatable performance increase.

dr.benway, Jun 10, 3:38pm
Afditionally It gets rid of a lot of legacy crap, it will reduce Leopard install size by 5gigs. There are some GUI refinements but nothing big. Support for exchange servers etc is fully integrated, so many it depts will love it, i'm thinking of places like tertiary/professional settings where individual's platform choice is not dictated by the company. There are a lot under the hood changes thech brought in that will pay dividends down the line. If you have a recent hacky or mac, you will find Snow Kitty makes your system shift up a gear. If you are on an early intel or ppc, well, the writing is on the wall..

dr.benway, Jun 10, 3:41pm
Sorry about attrocious spelling, iPhone kb in a taxi after a long night.

trey_dah, Jun 11, 2:51am
Not that price ever dictates what i buybut it should be under $100 to upgrade as well which is nice

mad_murphy, Jun 11, 4:44am
I'll buy it I'm still using Tiger but I'm keen to upgrade if it cuts the install size down. I'll probably do it at the same time as a new, faster hard drive for my MBP.

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