465gb on a brand new 500gb hdd

vicvic, Apr 14, 1:28am
465gb on a brand new 500gb hdd it's bullshit. I hate marketing.

swivel, Apr 14, 1:30am
???? could you explain as the ESP isn't working today

pc_nut, Apr 14, 1:38am
Its cause they are using the "metric" gigabytes instead of the "binary" gigabytes and just dividing the 499289948160 bytes buy 1000000000 to get the 500gig figure

vicvic, Apr 14, 1:39am
You never get what's advertised with HDDs the more you buy the more you lose

vicvic, Apr 14, 1:40am
Why do they advertise it like that? it seems like false advertising to me. It's like buying a large combo with small fries, it's still a combo but they ripped you off a bit.

psx_man, Apr 14, 2:38am
..... Its labeled if 1gb = 1000mb but when its really 1gb = 1024mb thats why in windows its smaller than what the label says. Marketing con? maybe.. You still have "500gb" Just windows is measuring it different.

vicvic, Apr 14, 2:39am
So how do you get the full 500gb? is it possible?

_sexylady_, Apr 14, 2:45am
At least *Nope* within a windows environment (probably includes a Linux environment as well)

wholesaler, Apr 14, 3:08am
... Yea I have 4 500gb 7200rpm drive in raid and the manufactures always market the drives as 1gb = as 1000mb instead of 1024 so over 500gb that mounts up

dj_philmeister, Apr 14, 7:42pm
Some computer manufacturers like toshiba hp compaw nec and IBM use a hidden partition for the system recovery so one does not always get the max hdd space. windows as a rule doesnt read 500gb outright

deus701, Apr 14, 8:51pm
Wow...50gb is alot normally i expect up to 5-10gb.

dougstringer, Apr 14, 8:56pm
You loose about 7.5% on Gb .

gyrogearloose, Apr 14, 11:14pm
NTFS also takes some of the diskspace for system files, as all of the file systems do. And, NTFS allocates diskspace in fixed cluster sizes, so there will always be a piece of wasted space at the end of the last cluster. So your disk might be 75% full, but maybe only 60% of that is your actual data.

woogmo, Apr 14, 11:45pm
15% ?? when you say system files you mean stuff like windows, program files ? Otherwise you've got something wrong with your formatting

gyrogearloose, Apr 15, 12:59am
I didn't mean 15% as a literal fact rather to illustrate that you can't actually put 500GB of data on a disk that has 500GB of platter, because the formatting takes some, and the wasted space at the end of the cluster takes some too. This would be very apparent with a lot of small files.

artywill, Apr 15, 5:04am
500 gb is the.. unformatted size

pc_nut, Apr 15, 5:50am
The 500 GB figure is more like 499289948160 bytes which if you calculate properly gives the 465GiB figure plus formatting only uses a few megabytes if that for the system area and file tables

gobi, Apr 15, 7:49am
#18... correct, complete with the correct use of the GiB as the unit. Not the stuff that walls are made of :)

kingzzz, Apr 15, 8:17am
You paid for 500 billion bytes and thats what you got.

rlr29, Apr 15, 8:20am
@16 Yeah you lose a lot with bigger cluster size's AND this is apparent with LOTS of files NOT just depending on size. (four 2 GB files will pad out with roughly as may Zero's a four 2KB text)

deus701, Apr 15, 11:37am
For some reason, you get more space on maxtor drives than western digital. Thats my own experience though

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