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sands365, Apr 14, 1:43am
ACER CASHBACK (scam or not) Has anyone brought a laptop from dick smith with the acer casback?sent mine away three weeks ago, then tried to find claim number on-line. Acer still have not got my letter!!! has anyone got there money back from Acer?? Thanks

gift_creations, Apr 14, 1:57am
Yes but you have to wait 3 months just in case u take it back for some reason but you do get it

jacqui248, Apr 14, 2:00am
Really do you have to wait that long... thats dum aint it

_whatever, Apr 14, 2:07am
Got mine It took a month or so. Has to be processed through Australia.

dino7, Apr 14, 4:06am
Whats the idea of the cashback? why not just lower the price? some marketing crap? if i was looking for a cheap laptop and saw one for $600 and one for $600 after 'cash back' i know which one i would get.

soodanim, Apr 14, 4:10am
They are probably hoping 1/2 the people don't bother/ loss to them then.

jacqui248, Apr 14, 4:24am
When u go online to register your cashback... they ask you 15 times if you are SURE you would not like an extra 2 year warranty instead of your cashback LOL so there the catch

wilgil, Apr 14, 4:34am
All the rage in USA It's a real pain - they really are hoping that people won't bother. I know that I would prefer that the price be dropped - I guess the only thing that we, as consumers, simply boycott those products.

seriouslycgi, Apr 14, 4:39am
You always see that in america $100 rebate etc but usually the price is so low anyway the rebate makes you wonder if they are making any profit. ive seen people say they get things for $50-$250usd after rebate when its like $500-$1000 in nzd.

etta1, Apr 14, 4:56am
I got a TV through this cash-back scheme. At the time I photocopied my sales docket and the barcode and sent these off to Australia. Then I found out they need the original barcode. We were told by a customer rep. that they need the original barcode as someone could throw the box away that the goods came in and someone else could try to claim the cashback. What a lot of nonsense when we hold the original sales docket and this "so called other person who picked up our box wouldn't have a sales docket". All that is utter rubbish. We didn't want to send the original barcode to start with as we had the original sales docket so thought we would also keep the original barcode.

etta1, Apr 14, 4:57am
And to carry from my last post I have now sent the original barcode off to them and we are waiting to see if they say they haven't received it or something to that effect. We would like to know seeing Dick Smiths sells these Acer products why they cannot do all this cashback business instead of the customer. I bet Acer in Australia are hoping that 2/3rds of the clients will not register to get their cash back. I will certainly get on to them until we get the cash back otherwise we are thinking about going to Fair Go about the whole business. Meanwhile we wait!!

1clickaway, Apr 14, 5:02am
Re #10 From the 'sellers' point of view: Anyone can photocopy dockets and 'claim' as thier own. So rightly so. That the company would not give the rebate. (Read the Term Of Conditions) Some rebates can take up to a month. If longer, then constant contacting the company will 'prompt' the rebates. :D

sands365, Apr 14, 6:55am
Etta1 Yep have sent all the paper work even the cardboard!! to acer 20 days ago with no sign of the tracking code working online... so rang them today with the same old story did not get it in the mail... so i have emailed them copys paperwork, so only time will tell. but sure am keen to let FAIR GO now about this. cheers

sands365, Apr 15, 6:18am
Got a reply today!! part 1 Dear Customer, Further to our email to you on 31 Mar 2008, we have now received complete supporting documents for your cashback claim (????). We are now processing your claim and estimate the completion date as 10 Jun 2008. Upon a successful verification, we will then issue a cheque to the name and address specified by you in the claim form. You can track the progress of your cashback claim by using the Existing Claim Status tool at, simply enter your Cashback Claim Number and the email address used at registion. Should you have further queries, you may contact us at; or call our enquiry line at 0800 864 862. Should you decide to change the name of the payee or the mailing address for the cheque, a processing fee of $50 (AUD) will be deducted from your cashback amount.

sands365, Apr 15, 6:19am
Part 2 If you choose to register your claim offline, a separate handling fee of $20 (AUD) will be charged from the cashback amount. Contact the enquiry line for further details. Thank you. Acer Cashback ProgramAcer Computer Australia & New Zealand..

sands365, Apr 15, 6:21am
CASHBACK SUX!!!!!! All i can say is i will never buy again from dick smith if in knew it would take this long, what a have!!

etta1, Apr 18, 10:32am
14. I had notification the other day also, same wording as what your ahve written down and the 10th June is the same for me to receive cheque. This is going to be 3 months from the time I purchased the TV. I certainly wouldn't enter this cash back programme again either seeing it takes so long for the cheque to be delivered.

babcorp, Apr 18, 10:46am
!6 with all due respect... how the f*** is it DS's fault? The cashback scheme and how its implemented is up to Acer and has nothing to DS other than on selling their product.

porsh_a, Apr 18, 10:48am
My experience .... We bought an Acer from Noel Leeming at the beginning of December with a $150 cashback on it. Was advised by the salesperson at Noel Leeming to post away claim by registered post to Australia or courier claim, as they have been known to go missing. Registered my claim online at the beginning of December, and posted claim normal post same day. Showed up on their tracking page of the website about a month later (finally!), and received my cheque mid February - 3.5 months after claim sent away. Long, slow process!

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 18, 11:08am
Sounds about the same time frame as trying to get parts or even pricing out of acer.

leeannt, Apr 18, 6:58pm
I have a similar story Got an Acer from Noel Leemings on the 30th of March for a $150 cashback promo that ended 31st March. Registered on the 30th online, got confirmation of online entry via email the same day. Posted docs on the 1st of April and got email confirmation yesterday that they'd received everything. Apparently they will finish processing everything by 10th of June...then the cheque will be in the mail. I guess that all fits with the idea that people might return laptops so they have to wait that long?

bsjsj, Apr 18, 7:17pm
The reason why it takes so long is just in case for whatever reason you decide to take product back.
They are covering their ass.
If you buy Acer then this is just an added bonus

jacqui248, Apr 18, 8:16pm
Well thats just greeat aint it,... I bought one and sent all the guff a week or so ago... BUT i am shifting end ,may aND it says it cost money otchange the address... DUM.... whats the deal with taking stuff back?? How long do you have?? Cos dell have a much better offer in my opinion now...dam it all

malachiman, Apr 18, 9:39pm
Think about it they get your contact details from you, its not about the cash back its harvesting for marketing.

caseyandannelys, Apr 19, 5:14am
Or like me you buy from Smiths City during new year period. Apparently it had to be in 7 days or something after purchasing. Contacted rep at smiths city 3 times for details as my laptop was shop model. Never got any replys even after sending him the requested serials. Would never deal with them again. Lots im not happy with.

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