iPhone 3G

joeb66, Jun 12, 11:38pm
IPhone 3G hi i have purchased an iphone 3g(its on its way to me now), i have a original telecom number i will get transfered to a sim, when i put my sim in my iphone will i have to do anything or will it just work, anyone else got there iphone on xt network, just wanting to know what to do when it arrives, thanks

wholesaler, Jun 12, 11:46pm
I would really hate to be one of the people who purchase a iPhone 3G now especially as Vodafone are making sure nothing relating to the new iPhone is shown so they can sell their stocks lol

wholesaler, Jun 12, 11:47pm
Anyway u need to change the APN and the carrier settings are located here http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=76&TopicId=34882

joeb66, Jun 12, 11:48pm
Yer vodafone will try to sell out there old stocks before they state prices for the new iphone 3g s, anyway anyone on the xt network??

stardesta, Jun 13, 12:19am
Re I want to do the exact same thing. I want the latest iphone to use with my current telecom number on the xt network. Let us know how it goes.

krysta1, Jun 13, 12:20am
Yeah they're giving free docking stations away till mid july (how generous!) I wonder if the announcment will be after that?

45kiwi, Jun 13, 2:36am
Yep My iPhone 3G is on the XT Network. Once your SIM as active, just pop it in the phone (make sure 3G is enabled), if you are going to use the internet make sure your APN is internet.telecom.co.nz. There is also a carrier settings ipcc file that lets you use the voicemail button and it has an XT carrier logo. This can be found on geekzone.co.nz

joeb66, Jun 13, 3:35am
Sim when i buy the sim from telecom is it active or do i need to do something to it???, many thanks for all the posts

suicidemonkey, Jun 13, 4:31am
.You need to inform Telecom that your current numbers needs to be transferred to the SIM when you buy it. I also put my iPhone on XT without hassle.

club_beata, Jun 13, 10:40am
Problem with APNHey there peopleOne of my friends chucked in their vodafone sim and the sim changed the apn and maybe other stuffI put in the apn listed here, which use to work but now I can't connect to the internet. Any ideas on how I can fix it?

cessna3, Jun 13, 11:15am
Goto Settings - General - Network - Cellular Data Network - change the APN to 'www.vodafone.net.nz'

dr.benway, Jun 14, 6:12am
Download the XT profile file from Geekzone then just option restore it. It'll set up your internet, mms, and voice mail all in one go

kitty251, Jun 14, 6:21am
i want to get one of the new iphones, do you recommend telecom or vodafone??

dr.benway, Jun 14, 6:28am
Wait till they are officially announced for NZ about 4 weeks, if Telecom doesn't carry them - you will need to buy one outright from VF and buy an XT sim. XT is MUCH better on an iPHone

kitty251, Jun 14, 8:01am
whats the cheapest telecom plan that includes internet?

ingies, Jun 14, 9:07am
$103.00 inc GST, includes 50 min of internet, dialup, lol

kitty251, Jun 14, 9:20am
Hmm dont want to spend that much, there much be cheaper ones

wholesaler, Jun 14, 9:21am
I think he means for mobiles. You can get 240mb of data for $18 on prepay

45kiwi, Jun 14, 9:22am
Uhh I'm on the $1 a day for 10MB. its great for light usage. All plans are at http://is.gd/11wxC

wholesaler, Jun 14, 9:25am
Re 19 Except that link is wrong as it is not for mobiles but for their T-stick

45kiwi, Jun 14, 9:26am
same thing is it not?

kitty251, Jun 14, 9:26am
i mean for phones, not laptop

wholesaler, Jun 14, 9:29am
Nope they have differientated that as the t-stick requires a plan etc

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