HP PSC 1210 printer .........

sarahb5, Jun 13, 12:28am
HP PSC 1210 printer .....I am getting really fed up with our printer - it just doesn't print! There is a document in the print queue but there's no status indication on it and it just sits there. How can I "force" it to print?

chito, Jun 13, 1:06am
Try deleting/cancelling the document from the queue, unplug the printer from your computer and plug it in again. USB printers get confused some times.

sarahb5, Jun 13, 1:26am
Done that twice now so far today Clears the job that's in there but then when I ask it to print something else the same thing happens again. It won't even print a test page.

biggal, Jun 13, 3:35am
I've had that happen on my 1210 First thing to try is to turn every thing off and restart. Secondly, use the installation disc and reinstall the 1210

sarahb5, Jun 13, 3:37am
Ha ha .....too late - hubby just came back with a new one!!

chito, Jun 13, 3:48am
Oh the other thing is to go into the Printer properties and make sure 'use off line' isn't ticked.

hayster94, Jun 13, 3:59am
Make sure all the cables are in. I had the same problem when a cable came loose

sarahb5, Jun 13, 4:50am
So ....anyone wanna buy a printer?

dave1025, Jun 13, 5:09am
The new printer free with a packet of paper?

sarahb5, Jun 13, 5:31am
Nah ....the old printer of course - maybe someone more technically minded can get it going. When it works its actually a pretty good printer. The new one is really quiet though.

biggal, Jun 13, 8:22am
I'll have the 56 and 57 ink cartridges if the price is right. Come to that I'll give you a pittance for the whole thing

sarahb5, Jun 13, 11:15am
You can have it ...if you come pick it up!

biggal, Jun 13, 11:15pm
Gee Thanks I got relly/friends down there

biggal, Jun 14, 4:24am
Never mind, I'll come down myself. Is there anywhere I can land my helicopter?

sarahb5, Jun 15, 5:56am
If you can afford a helicopter ..you can buy your own new printer!

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