Guys, one usb printer - two pcs....

jrad4, Jun 13, 2:12am
Guys, one usb printer - two pcscurrently i'm just plugging the printer usb lead into what ever pc needs to print but its becoming a pain in the #@!$%,is it possible to run a usb splitter lead (of some description) off the pc usb end of the printer lead that could run to both pcs. :-)

acura, Jun 13, 2:18am
are the PCs networked to each other or via a switch/hub/router?

gyrogearloose, Jun 13, 2:19am
If the PC's are networked you could share the printer, but the PC that it is attached to would need to be turned on, before you could print from the other PC.

jrad4, Jun 13, 2:23am
Yep both are connected to the same router.. is it possible to share the printer between both by using the router only?

acura, Jun 13, 2:25am
yes. On the computer the printer is installed - right click on the printer and select sharing. You will have to add printer on the other pc and browse for it on the network. This is a quick overview but tis not too complicated to do.

panthangronth1, Jun 13, 2:32am
Just buy another printer you pick one up cheap somewhere. I saw one for 20 dollars the other day All that networking stuff is a pain in the ass.

gibler, Jun 13, 2:33am
If you want to go down the sharing device route

morrisman1, Jun 13, 2:35am
Just buy an ethernet cable and network them If you are on broadband then you may need a network switch in the system as well, they are pretty cheap

jrad4, Jun 13, 2:41am
Cheers guys, i'll have a play around and i'll see what happens :-)

jancemord, Jun 13, 2:41am
You need this

shrapz, Jun 13, 3:32am
Pppprint server .

mojo49, Jun 13, 10:18am
Trademe Just bought an automatic 2 PC to 1 USB device switch on TM. Excellent. don't need two PCs on at once. Switching is auto via keyboard or can be manual via press on LED button/switch. Takes no space and cost about $40.

jrad4, Jun 13, 10:31am
Cheers for that :-) .

jrad4, Jun 13, 10:34am
Mojo..whats the item listed under? .

jrad4, Jun 13, 10:45am
Got it...usb hubs :-) .

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