The CISS printer ink system

texastwo, Jun 13, 3:41am
The CISS printer ink system as promoted on tv. Has anybody bought it and used it. Easy to install? Colour OK? No spreading or bleeding? I'm looking at buying it for a Canon MP210 - cost is about $129 compared with approx $45 for colour and $45 for Black cartridges.

get0ut, Jun 13, 4:40am
I would be interested to know also....

coolnzmum, Jun 13, 4:45am
We purchased one for a brother printer different brand to one on TV. The only problem we had was getting the ink thru the tubes once connected. I would make sure there was ink just about completely thru the tubing before connecting to printer (use gravity to fill the tubes then install) other than that no problems and we have just printed out wedding invites with a fair bit of colour in background no problems with the print.

coolnzmum, Jun 13, 4:46am
Search on here there are the ones advertised on TV plus other brands available.

texastwo, Jun 13, 5:35am
Thanks coolnzmum, what brand did you buy or put the auction number in and I will check. I see the Meloc distributor ones advertised on here are dearer than the ones on the Melco Website Thanks again.

texastwo, Jun 13, 5:36am
Dont worry...I looked at your feedback. to get the details. Cheers.

gj0502, Jun 13, 6:50am
Epson tx300f Bought one for Epson Tx300f the melco ciss. It was kinda hard to install but not too bad, you just need to remember to take the bungs out and but the air filters in, Print quality is good and ink seems to be lasting forever. Have had issues when printer shows empty cartridge and it doesn't auto reset but turning the printer off and back on fixed it. Would highly recommend though

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